our steps

again not finished!

"Please, enlighten me then!" I stop and throw my hands up. My frustration seeps into every syllable making it harder to keep quiet.

I really shoudn't bee so hard on the kid, it's not his fault. How could it be? To be quite honest I got us into this current mess. Not that I'm proud of it though; I could never be proud of it. I love the kid, he deserives better than me, better than this life we live.

"Sorry, I didn't meen-" I kiss his forhead stopping his whisper.

"Shh. Do you think we can out run them?" my question was a plee. A plee for both of our lives.

 Jay treats the question as a joke,as it is in his nature to do, "You can, you could outrun a jet plane."

"So can you," I squeeze his hand, "Together?"

"Forever." he answers

I hold up my hand, just high enough so he could see it, and cout backwards form three. We run, and distance ourselfs from the presant danger.

It feels good running, dispite the reason behind it. My legs stretch amd push harder against the frozen ground. The more I run the better i feel. I want to run away from everything, the wolrd.

"Brooke!" his cry of pain hits my heart with a bang.

my strides waver and i hit the ground. OVer my left shoulder i see him.

 HIs face is stained with tears and dirt.

Rolling to the balls of my feet I race to him. It takes me a heartbeat to see the issue. The bone in his right ankle was broken. I didn't need a doctor to tell me that much.

 Without thinking I scoop him up and run into the night.


The End

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