Our SecretMature

Anna was a special a special soul. Her parents knew it at birth and soon others would find out her special gift. Before her death she passed her gift to her grieving husband. How will he deal with her death and the unique gift he now has

Anna died today,as the clouds parted and rays of sun welcomed her home.Her body,riddled with tumors,churned the stomachs of the investigators and doctors alike.Once beautiful,poor Anna was now nothing more than a rotting corpse.They all ask me why she didn't seek treatment and why didn't I find her help.They will never understand the truth,even if I tell them everything that has happened between Anna and myself.

If I'm scaring you son,I don't mean to.I feel as if I need to talk to let someone know her secret. Our secret. Don't fret over the pistol,it was my way out but as you can see from my wounds a gun can't end it now. To understand it all boy, you have to go back to my childhood.To this very park and this same old swing.

The summer of '89,my ninth birthday,an eventful day of epic proportions, just got better as my dad gave me a gameboy. I quickly loaded it with batteries,placed the game cartridge in, with a surgeons gentle touch.Sitting in this same swing, preoccupied with the game, I never noticed the quaint little girl walk up. Her cutesy giggle snapped me back to reality as game over filled the screen. Anger flashed wildly within me and without notice I lunged from the swing,crashing down upon her.

The End

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