Nekton III

 Nekton III is located 100 million miles from the star Gazia.It is one of 3 planet's  (Nekton I and II). It is four times smaller than Earth, sustaining a population of 17  million. It has one supercontinent and three islands the size of Ireland. The  Supercontinent (Hidlandia) is located in the Southern Hemisphere while the islands  ( Girod, Sishalla and Condare) are scattered around the Southern Hemisphere.  Nekton III is completely dark for 11 months a year. The reason for this is the large  Asteroid, Merron, which eclipses the sun. It was caught in the gravity of Gazia and  now blocks the light from the star. It gains speed for one month, leaving Nekton III  behind. But then for some unexplained reason it falls behind into stride with  Nekton III. The Space Corps dare not destroy the huge Asteroid as the debris  would then hit Nekton III, therefore destroying the humble little planet.

 The Sithtaiek are the rulers of this small world. Surprisingly, even though they are  16 million years old, they  haven't developed the means to go into space. Though  they are primitive the methods they use to sustain light are amazing. A plant called  Kebris, which can be found in abundance across the planet, when mixed with  saltwater and Hemlock  (also found across the planet) gives off a powerful light.  This is used to give light across the globe. It is considered a scientific marvel.

The Sithtaiek are a very strange race. They resemble large dragonfly's only they are bipedal and can talk any language they try. They are a carnivorous species. They will eat any kind of meat. They'll even eat each other. For this reason no one ever steps onto the planet unless they have a deathwish as the Sithtaeik are ALWAYS hungry and will not hesitate to try new kinds of meat. Their level of technology is considered to be that of 17th Century Earth, now called Terra. Though they fail miserably in comparison to modern technology they are the most vicious and brutal race in it's sector (Corsk Sector). They possess abilities not even achieved by the Gedareds (The most advanced race in the Known Space). These abilities involve changing their skin to the colour of their surroundings, like a chameleon, and making their skin transparent, rendering all weapons, including lazers, useless against them. The only possible solution of killing them is to nuke their planet. But that would be considered genocide.

The Sithtaiek will be monitored for any changes in their technology and should they reach space travel (which is inevitable) they will try galactic conquest (as seen when they conquered their whole planet). When that happens they will be reduced to a pre-technological state and de-evolved so that nature will select a new gene for them to evolve to. This is wrong but necessary because once the Sithtaiek expand beyond their homeworld they will grow. And when they grow they will need to feed. And to feed they will have to fight. And they will win. And they will destroy.

The End

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