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The Nelo Cat was first discovered in the year 20 million AD by Professer Nelo Jones, one of the first humans to step onto the planet Nekton III, home of the Sithtaiek. It's claws are among the sharpest in the Universe. It is usually black, like a panther, but much more intelligent, making it a formidable adversary. The most captivating feature of the Nelo cat is it's eyes, which are a deep mauve colour. They can reach speeds of up to 180 km per hour.

Though very much of the cat family it is unable to scale trees. Brain scientist's have tried and tried again to predict the Nelo cat's brain's functions but have failed every time. The Nelo cat's brain is possibly one of the most complex brain's in the universe. The only possible way to predict the Nelo cat's actions is to capture a live species and disect it's brain. But this is considered inhumane and as the Nelo cat is very rare( a mere 9 million are left in the Universe) this is a criminal offense punishable by death.

Few worlds are able to boast a population of Nelo cats, Enciria, Lintorb, Heron IV and Slanzeen being among the list. Nelo cat's are amazing hunters, able to creep quietly through the jungle, their natural habitat, and only pounce when the time is right. When fighting with enemies they stare at them intently, as if they are studying you, and they slowly circle their enemies, getting closer all the time. For this reason people live in high places, like treetops in Heron IV's case.  Nelo cat's are respected for their great hunting skills and are possibly the most amazing member of the cat family, surpassing even the great Linzino Tiger. Nelo cat's are also a favourite for poachers. As such, the planets they are found on are greatly protected, by military and private army's funded by some people that do not wish to be named. 

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