Our own Worlds

Every chapter is about a world that you create, it can be anything, a prison world, a farming world or an Industrial world. It can be named anything, just not too stupid. You then write stuff about your world like the dominant race/races, the type of climate it has (example: A world of burning lava, a world of rolling plains and beautiful lakes). Don't make the chapter too long or too short. Again, create a world and write about it. You can create more than one world if you wish.

Name: Heron IV   Location: Eastern fringe of the Elazian Galaxy                                                Type: Marine Wildlife Preserve            Population: 2.3 million humans and approximately  9  trillion different marine animals

Heron IV is a beautiful water world. At least 9/10ths of the world is covered in water. It is a huge planet, nearly the size of a young star. It has an amazing population of some of the rarest marine species in the entire known Universe, creatures like the blue whale, the gigantic Megalodon, which was long thought to have been extinct, the amazing colorful starfish and of course, the epic- sized whale shark, which, through genetic engineering, are able to grow to ten times bigger than their Earthling ancestors. Heron IV is also a favourite planet for poachers who tended to hunt the blue whale for its extremely rich blubber.  Therefore a massive security system has been devised, which scans ships entering the atmosphere. Heron IV is also an intergalactic tourist favourite.  Anyone is able to go sightseeing on Heron IV. The cost is nearly a billion lightcoins. Heron IV is also one of the few planets able to boast about the incredibly rare semi- aquatic Nelo cat, beautiful, elegant and very dangerous. Their claws are able to slice through Galaenium, one of the strongest substances in the Universe. This is also another reason for poachers to come to Heron IV as Nelo cat claws would make a handsome profit to weapons dealers. Heron IV is indeed one of the most beautiful marine preserves in it's galaxy, only slightly smaller than the star- sized planet Sireo, which boasts the most amazing amount of marine wildlife in the known Universe. Heron IV is the twin planet of Heron II, an arms world that protects it's sister planet. The few people living on Heron IV are all scientist's, marine biologists, people who look after the animals and very few permanent residents. All live in the giant treetops of Heron IV, where they are safe from the Nelo cats and other hostile creatures. Funnily enough, though Nelo cats have all the instincts and characteristics of normal cats, the CANNOT climb trees. The reason for this is unknown, possibly a fear of heights. Heron IV will always be a peaceful planet. Those who try to disrupt the peace face the wrath of the entire Elazian galaxy.

This file is located in the Ninan archives, which is the biggest library in the Elazian galaxy. The Ninan archives is located on one of the three moons that orbit Heron IX, one of the ten planets in the Elazian galaxy.

List of Planets in the Elazian Galaxy:

Heron I, a prison world that holds the worst scum of the Elazian galaxy.                           Heron II, an arms world and the bigger planet of itself and Heron IV.                                Heron III, a farming world and the biggest planet in the Elazian galaxy.                           Heron IV, a marine wildlife preserve world that holds one of the biggest population of marine wildlife in the known Universe.                                                                                        Heron V, an uninhabitable world covered in volcanoes and and toxic raining clouds.                                                                                                                                                              Heron VI, a world dominated by Lecoraptors, an evolved species and descendants of the Velociraptor.                                                                                                                                    Heron VII, a world of priests and holy men that worship the Christian God.                  Heron VIII, an industrial world that is admired for it's huge advancements in technology.                                                                                                                                                     Heron IX, an archive world, which houses some of the most ancient books and historical facts in the Universe.                                                                                                             Nexus, the strangest and smallest world in the Elazian Galaxy. Nexus was given it's name as the core of the planet repeatedly stopped and revolved in the opposite direction. This caused endless earthquakes and massive tidal waves, therefore making the planet uninhabitable. 

The End

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