Our Own Version of Clue

The Gardener
In the Bathroom
With the Hedge Clippers

"And honey," Jake said as he left for work, "Try not to look too good for the Lawyer's Ball tonight. I don't need any of those sleazy defense attorneys hitting on you."

Jane smiled. "Don't worry, they don't make nearly as much as you will as partner." She kissed him gently and he headed out the door.

Jane made her way to the kitchen. She had just woken up and needed a glass of orange juice to start her day. She poured the drink by the window over the sink that looked out on their front lawn. It looked beautiful. Henry, their new gardener, had been doing a great job. There was something that was off about him though, Jane thought at she looked out the window at him unloading some equipment. She always got the chills when she saw him. But now was not the time to think about Henry. She needed to get ready for the Ball tonight with her husband, and to do that, she had a lot of errands to run. She finished off her orange juice and headed to the shower.

Henry loved the way Jane looked in the morning light. That's why he always came early. The work he did on the lawn was all for her. The violets, blue bells, azaleas-- they all were nothing without her. She was his muse, and he knew his muse's daily routine pretty well. At this time, she would be taking her morning shower, which meant it was time for him to grab the ladder and trim the branches of the abbreviate trees around the second floor bathroom window. He ascended the ladder just as Jane entered the shower. He stared intently through the glass, slipping into his own little world. She was perfect. He couldn't understand how such a woman could be married to such a despicable man. That's when he made the mistake of leaning in a little too close. His hedge clippers tapped the window like someone knocking on it. He panicked and quickly climbed higher.

The window opened and Jane peeped her head out. She saw no one on the ground, but she knew she heard the tapping sound.

Henry tried not to make a sound. The ladder was on the other side of one of the abbreviate trees and out of sight. What Henry didn't know was that his chest was precariously perched in front of a robin's nest. The defensive male flew out and startled Henry. He quickly lost his balance and fell.

As he slipped through the air towards the ground, his hedge clippers slipped out of his hand and cut through Jane's delicate neck with one quick slice. Henry hit the ground, the air knocked out of his lungs. He was a little bruised up, but he was a lot better off then Jane, whose body was lying limply on the window sill. Blood poured down onto the violets, the bluebells, and the azaleas. It covered them in sickening crimson, and Henry could do nothing but vomit and cry.

The End

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