Amelia IV

Title: Amelia IV

Full Name: Amelia Rosalind Sarah Edenold-ramsbottom

Life Span: 1296-1308

Reign: On and off. 6 months altogether from arguing with sister and cousins over reign.

King: there wasn't one as far as she knew.

Interesting Fact Number 1: Lived twelve short years and died getting sat on by and elephant when on holiday.

Interesting Fact Number 2: She is only entitled Amelia IV because her sister and her cousins that she was arguing with iver the reign were all called Amelia aswell.

Interesting Fact Number 3: she was forced to marry at the age of 11. Notice capital letters in her full name. Her parents did that on purpose because they wanted her to be a boy and she wasn't.

The End

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