Princess Ivy

Title: Princess Ivy

Full name: Lucidiana Ivyaina Tellion

Life Span: 1345 - 1371

Reign: Married to King Daniel ruler between 1354 - 1372

Interesting fact number-1: She married King Daniel at the age of 9 years. The marriage wasn't arranged but made by choice she had one child in her life. They loved each other truely and supposedly her husband died two month after in 1372 of heart break.

Interesting fact number-2: She always remained consentrated no matter what the consiquences around her. Even when the Dutchess Loise spilled a plate of meat on her on purpose. She was upset.

Interesting fact number-3: The day she died was the day the flowers in her garden began to wilt. No one has entered her garden since. It's said the flowers still mourn from her death.

The End

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