Too Bad

You know, I tried real hard, real hard to get those people to leave. Since they didn't want to though, I figured I'd just give them a friendly invite to Our Hometown Social club dance.

They laughed at first, till Miss Valerie passed by, well their eyes lit up and they started smiling.. I told em, she will be there too.  One asked if there were any more like her, of course I said, there'll be refreshments too.

All the folks in town were happy to be a part of making them feel welcome.  We had the auditorium all lit up, we had punch, I spiked some for the strangers, you know, make em relax.

They came in and took a look at the gals sitting in the chairs.. I could see one licking his lips, he was going to have a real good time, you betcha..

We sat around the big table, finally they began to stir, "Well, hello there, I see you all are awake."  I tell you it was comical to see the look on those faces.  I stood up and walked over to them. They were in shock..

"See, I tried to help you fellas, I gave you a warning, we don't take kindly to loud music and nasty remarks towards our women folk.. now, now, don't cry.. tell you what, I'm gonna talk to Deputy Dorphmire, see if he will take it easy on you all..  What's that, oh well I know you want to leave now but..oooohh too late for that now."

Always said no one could handle a chainsaw quite like Deputy Dorphmire... 

Those fellas weren't too bad, well, towards the end anyway.. hmph, too bad..

The End

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