How to Deal with Strangers

But, I'm getting off the track here. Today, I'm here in the middle school to dedicate this wonderful music room. Now, I never did get the name of those folks, that were playing that brain rattling music, but when we sold off their car parts we took in enough money to help build this beautiful room.  "applause" 

I wish to thank the brothers, Keith and Norbal for stripping down the car to sell-able parts, and selling them on Graig's List and EBay. Those two web sites have contributed highly in our towns self sufficiency. "applause" 

We also found quite a supply of drugs hidden in that car, including marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy. I know that the good folks of Our Town, couldn't wait for us to get rid of that menace. I'm sorry to say that a few of our brothers thought we should turn it over to the State Police. Now, folks, that would have just been wasteful, and I'm sure the police would have just lost it.  "laughter"

With the help of our sisters, Mahisha and Leeza, who managed to sell it to those throw-away-people in the city, and we made a very handsome profit. Give these girls a big hand.  "applause"

Now, our Principal, Mr. Decker, will unveil the new music room name. "applause"  The new name is The Pat Boone music room.

The Sheriff turned his head at the approach of Deputy Dorphmire, and took the note he was handed. Turning back to the audience, he said, Forgive me, folks, I almost left out Bill Mailer, and his backhoe, without which none of this would be possible. "applause"   

The End

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