Our Hometown

Our Hometown is a nice little place, people here are good god fearing, upstanding Christians.  Our little town is peaceful, quiet, and a great place to raise kids.

We don't allow none of that rap, or, what they call head banging music.  We have picnics on sunday right after church, the good Reverend sure can preach a great "hell-fire-brimstone" sermon. Everyone, goes to church.. 

We have two schools here,  Miss Ellie and Miss Viola are the teachers.  The children do not leave a grade until they are proficient at the work, hell old Charlie Gentry would still be in the 4th grade if he hadn't died.. yea good old Charlie..

Now, I am the Sheriff, I make sure things run smooth, I make sure our town stays safeOf course, I am the tool of the citizens.  And things have been smooth in Our  Hometown for years, we don't ask the big fish over in the government seats for nothing, something happens in Our Hometown, we take care of it.

About two years ago, we had some people come through, first of all, they came breezing into town with their music so loud, I started receiving calls.  I calmed them down, told them don't worry, I was going to take care of it.  So, I go and talk to them.

Well now, they were a little more stubborn than I thought, I gave them a nudge, you know, a little hint, they didn't take kindly to that.. hmmm..

Too bad..

The End

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