Destroy The Xeno

A scaly knuckle-bound native managed to raise its head from the mass of torn flesh for little more than a semi-curious glance as man-made shooting stars pierced the sulphur-stained sky streaked with purple Iodine vapour clouds. The first shooting star slammed hard into the ground, throwing up massive clouds of dirt. Slowly the raging cloud is tamed by the gentle winds of the alien savanna, revealing a dark blue, metal pod. The emblem of a wounded canine licking its paw lies tattooed across the metallic flesh of the drop pod, the various scars of deep space travel lie deep within the beast, now about to be left to die by its inhabitants.

All four sides of the pod drop open like a drawbridge, burrowing shallowly into the dry earth,

"No Xeno detected, Commander."  Barks a tinny, intimidating voice  from within the small pod.  A small squad of heavily armoured space marines emerges from the crowded vessel, each identical to the next except from the various battle scars each marine had accumulated on his armour, giving a faint sense of identity to the weaker minded recruits.

Space marines - A seven foot elite troop, otherwise known as the Emporer's finest. Completely sealed in battle armour of their chapter's colour (dark blue in the case of this chapter of space marine) one pauldron, usually on the right ahoulder is marked with the badge of the chapter.

The red eyes of the armoured elites stare out across the planets currently barren surface, paranoid for any signs of life or resistance they may encounter,

"Well done men." announces a powerful voice, his footsteps echoing off of the metal floor of the pod,

"My Battle Brothers, the Emporer senses the taint of our fallen brethren here on Upia: The taint of chaos. We are to purge this sector of our mistakes: Chaos, must die."

A long cape flows from the armour of this voice, his helmet discarded, thus discarding the tinny sounds of his voice,

"Commander Mullian?" asks the marine furthest to the right, the commander raises his head, the cybernetic eye enhancement scanning around in paranoia and evaluating the current situation,

"Yes brother?" replies the commander, clutching a chain sword tight between his armoured fingers,

"Reports are reaching us of Xeno in the north-west, thought to be green-skins." The commander nods and looks out towards the jungles close by,

"Initial scans showed no signs of life." he replies a flicker of glee flashing across his face as another pod collides with the ground nearby,

"Apparently they're unorganised - Or at least more than usual, scouts are thinking they may have only just arrived themselves." The commander turns to face his small squad of men, flicking a switch on his armour, enabling him to speak to each marine in the chapter,

"Men, Greenskinned Xeno; Or the "Orks" as they would like to be known, are defiling the soil of the emporer as we speak and I believe something must be done. Secondary objective has been issued: Destroy the Xeno."


The End

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