Millions Thrown Out Of The WindowMature

Today was the day and Gloria set every thing up. Victor Rochester arrived a few minutes ago and Amanda, the next door neighbor and girlfriend came over to help celebrate. ‘I want this to be a surprise. So, Mr. Rochester, I want you to hide before Alex come in. The doorman will call when he comes through the front door. Mr. Rochester, you hide in the wooden coat cabinet.' Running her hands through Amanda's hair she continued, ‘Amanda, since you are always here anyway, you sit over there on the couch. I called his job a few minutes ago and they said he left already. That means he should be here soon. ‘


Moments later, the cordless phone rung and everyone took their places. Victor squeezed his small frame inside the coat cabinet and waited for the signal to come out. Suddenly, he heard the keys in the door lock. Alex forcefully opened the front door of the house and angrily entered the condo. The heavy footsteps quickly sounded through out the house and drifted into the cramped confinements of the cabinet.


‘Now, look woman, there is no need for you to continue to lie.' He yelled at the top of his voice. ‘I hired a PI to watch you last month. A few minutes ago, he called me at work and said there was a man up in my house. If there is I am going to kick his ass and toss him over the rail of the balcony. Now where in the hell is he.' He stormed into the bedroom and quickly looked under the bed and in the closet. Returning to the living room, Alex continued, ‘I know he is still up here because there is only one elevator. Gloria, where is he?' Alex was completely infuriated. The blood vessels began to show in the side of his neck and his muscles grew tighter as he searched the condo.


Victor remained frozen because of fright inside the small wooden box. ‘Oh my God what have I gotten myself into? I do not want to die like this,' he silently cried as small streams of water trailed down his cheeks. ‘Maybe if I get out and explain everything.' He reached for the inside handle, but suddenly the cabinet shook as Amanda leaned against it.


‘Alex, stop being stupid; there ain't any other man up here poking your wife but you.' Amanda demanded. ‘No one is cheating on you. You have lost your mind.' She continued to lean against the coat cabinet hoping that Alex would not try to go inside it.  


‘Woman, you need to mind your business and take your fat ass home. Now, Gloria where is he?' Alex continued to scream at Gloria. Each time he asked the question, his voice grew louder and he became angrier.


Unexpectedly, the wind blew the curtains by the window to the fire escape as the sound of the metal ladder going down floated up through the window. Very upset and not thinking clearly, Alex quickly stepped to the window and looked out. The escape ladder from his condo was down and someone was just starting to go down the second floor ladder. ‘Oh I got your motherfucking ass. I can not catch you but I got you' he said to himself. Coming back from the window he looked at Gloria and Amanda and said, "So you thought you could send your lover out the window and I would not know. Well watch this.'


After opening the huge glass window, Alex pushed Amanda away from Victor's hiding spot and strained as he tilted the coat cabinet on its side. He lifted the heavy object onto his shoulders. Carefully he balanced the piece. ‘Huh, this is heavier than I remembered.' Then lining the object up with where he knew his unsuspecting target would be, he tossed it out the window and over to the edge of the rail. The wooden coat cabinet dropped five floors like a bomb. It only took a few seconds for the cabinet to reach the ground. It struck its intended target and exploded into pieces exposing its hidden cargo.


Norman did not see it coming. As soon as his feet hit the hard sidewalk, the loaded heavy wooden box crashed down on top of his head. The force of the blow instantly cracked his skull and forced a large piece of bone and wood into his brain. He died instantly. After talking to his shocked son, one of the officer's went up stairs to Alex and Gloria's condo. This was the strangest case he ever worked. Moments later, the perplexed officer asked, ‘Okay ladies, the only bodies we have are the one down stairs and the one up here. Now, that is where you lost me; where is this other man?'


‘It happened all too quickly,' Amanda said to the police officer. Gloria just set on the couch in shock as Alex lay in a body bag on the floor. Amanda continues to recount the events, ‘She arranged a surprise for him and told the skinny guy in the suit to hide in the coat cabinet. We were just going to surprise his stupid ass. He inherited millions of dollars. He came in shouting about she was cheating. Well, suddenly the cabinet gets thrown out the window on top of the other man. When he sees the man in the suit, Alex gets madder and continues to accuse Gloria. Then she finally tells him what is going on with him being rich and everything. He reads this letter and has a heart attack and dies. As far as the other man, he just got up and walked away.' Amanda walked over to the couch and gently kissed Gloria on the lips. ‘Don't worry baby; I will take care of you.'


Days later, the two women moved into Amanda's condo. Gloria could not put up with the memories in the apartment so Amanda asked her to move in. It had been six weeks and it still hurt. Alex was gone. The next day, Gloria received over six million dollars from the life insurance policy they took out on Alex. However, both women received the shock of their life. After visiting the doctor for a routine check up, they discovered that they had gotten pregnant by Alex.


Victor returned to the confinements of his life with a new outlook on things. He finished dressing and walked easily into the bedroom. The strength in his legs returned the moment Alex died so he no longer used the cane. He was his old youthful self again. Still, he was tired of the curse; but when faced with certain death, he discovered that he really did not want to die, not yet at least. Pulling the covers off the twenty-nine year old woman's nude body, he took a long look at the sight and climbed into the bed next to her. He questioned, ‘Hey, did you take your birth control pill today?'


‘Yes, Mr. Rochester.' Martha lied. She had not taken the pill in over two months.   


The End

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