The Chance MeetingMature

Around four in the evening the next day, Norman Robertson walked into the kitchen and rubbed his hands across his wife's behind. ‘What's for dinner honey? I am hungry enough to eat a horse.' Norman jokingly stated. He just woke up from a nap and was ready to go to his part time job at the Spot night club. Sitting at the table, he continued, ‘I hope we do not have a lot of drunks tonight. I do not want to miss seeing the concert because I have to throw someone out.' Nova, a popular Rap group, was scheduled to perform. The event was advertised for weeks and the tickets sold out in less than five days. Norman worked as a bouncer for three years at the club and knew tonight's crowd would be huge and trouble. He said to his wife, ‘Teenagers and young adults are always trouble.' However, tonight was the biggest concert of the year. He had to be at his best.


Barbara smiled and replied, ‘Well honey I am sorry to tell you but people do get drunk at clubs and you work at a club. Just get use to it and make sure you get Stevie to video the concert.' She placed the plates on the dinning room table, and then shouted down the hallway, ‘Stevie, if you are going to the concert, you need to come out of your room and eat.'


‘Yes, madam,' the voice replied from the hallway. Stevie turned twenty-one yesterday and was excited about tonight. His dad helped him get the job as a camera operator at the club. He would be filming tonight's concert from in front of the stage. It was the best seat in the house. Coming into the dinning room, he stopped and kissed his mother on the cheek. ‘Thanks for dinner.' He sat down and quickly inhaled the food on his plate without stopping to say much. This was his usual habit.  


Meanwhile, life for Alex was pretty good. He was thirty-four years old; however, he felt like he was only nineteen. He had more energy than ever and worked out every day at the gym inside the shop. He worked for one of the ambulance companies as a mechanic for the last ten years and lived with his high school sweetheart after being recently reunited. Gloria Essex left town after high school to go to college out of state. She recently returned home to open her accountant office. She and Alex started back dating almost immediately after she returned. Two years later they married and moved into the condo on Glover Drive. He even had a sexy lover, Amanda. For Alex life was good.


The brown blackberry phone vibrated on the side of Alex's muscular body. He slowly slid from under the ambulance he was working on. ‘Hello,' Alex replied. On the other end of the phone a private eye informed him that Gloria's suspected lover arrived at the apartment. Alex quickly disconnected the call. He suspected that she was cheating on him for a few months but never could find out the truth for himself. As a last resort, he decided to hire a private detective to watch Gloria. After telling the shop foreman that he was taking some personal time, he rushed out to his car. Getting into the 1990 280z, he started the engine and raced down Ester Ave. He headed home hoping to catch her in the act.


A quick twelve minutes later, the grey sports car slowed and turned into the alley behind the Water Tower Restaurant. The car slowly continued to the parking lot for the Westminster Condo. He parked in his usual spot, turned off the keys and ran for the front door of the six story building. ‘I am going to kill him,' he thought to himself as he rushed across the parking garage to the lobby of the building. Pushing the large silver button he, impatiently waited for the next elevator to arrive.  


After dinner, Norman and Stevie left to go to the club. They walked out of the condo and took the elevator to the ground floor. By the time the elevator reached the bottom floor, Norman remembered that he had forgotten to kiss his wife goodbye and to get the camcorder. Handing the car keys to Stevie he said ‘Hey, just pull the car around to the back. I will come down the fire escape after I get the camera.' Seconds later, the elevator doors opened and Stevie stepped out and Alex quickly entered the elevator. ‘What floor?' Norman asked the tired looking man. He holds up five fingers and collapses against the wall.


The two men rode the elevator together until it reached the third floor. After the elevator stopped Norman stepped out and walked quickly to the condo to retrieve the camcorder. After fumbling with the keys for a short while, he opened the door and walked into the apartment. The camcorder was in the closet in the dinning room. He retrieved it and some extra batteries. Afterwards he kissed Barbara goodbye and walked toward the window to climb three floors down the fire escape to the waiting car.


For awhile, Alex was suspicious that Gloria was cheating on him, but this just takes the cake. He leaned against the back of the elevator and waited for it to reach his floor. He thought to himself. ‘How could she bring another person up to our home? This is where I sleep and eat. How can she do this in our home?'


Three weeks ago he decided to purchase a key logger and put it on the home computer. He installed it with not much problem. This is how he discovered what he thought was her affair. She chatted online with this guy a lot and they exchanged coded emails with each other. The emails talked about searching for his family, but he seen the newspaper his entire family died in a car accident. For a while Alex tried convincing himself that it was just that; she was just searching for his family. Then Gloria and Amanda mysteriously disappeared for two days. She never told him where they went. Amanda is known to be wild; she probably introduced her to this guy he thought. The elevator doors slid open and Alex stepped out to go towards his condo.

The End

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