Errand for GloriaMature

Today was Saturday and Amanda was off work. Gloria had to work because it was the beginning of tax season. She had piles of returns to complete, so Alex decided to play video games all day. Suddenly, the phone rung and Gloria brought it into the den. ‘Honey Amanda need to go do some shopping, will you take her,' she asked.


‘All come on; do I look like I am a taxi cab driver. I am playing video games and Frank coming over later. When does she want to go?' He continued to play the game. Alex wanted to go to Amanda's condo bad, but he could not let Gloria know. ‘You, two women are going to drive me crazy.'


After asking Amanda, Gloria hung up the phone. Sitting on the couch beside her husband, she softly stroked her husband leg. ‘Honey, I really know that you do not like her, but I need you to be nice to Amanda. Do it for me, please. She wants to go now if you do not mind.' She handed him the keys to the car. ‘If you go now, you can get back quicker.' She smiled, kissed him on the cheek.


‘Honey, you know for yourself when Amanda shops, there is no such thing as quickly. She takes her sweet time. Why don't you take her? She is your best friend,' he complained. After some more complaining and some persuasion by Gloria, reluctantly, he got up and headed upstairs to Amanda's condo.


Moments later, she slowly lay in the bed and rubbed her soft hand up and down his nude body. She loved the way his muscles felt. ‘Why don't you just tell her; I know she will understand? I mean I am tried of sneaking around and lying to my best friend. I do not like to act like I hate you around her. It really hurts her feeling that we don't get along.' She slowly kissed her way down his abdomen until she reached his belly button. She stopped and stuck her tongue inside the dip.'


‘Stop that tickles; any way you know Gloria would kill you and divorce me if she found out I was screwing you. I really do not want to lose everything I worked so hard for, Amanda. I like being with you because you do stuff Gloria will not.' He moved and sat on the side of the bed. ‘But, I love my wife.'


Amanda came around the bed. ‘I am not talking about you leaving Gloria. I mean I am bi-sexual; why not let me turn your wife out. I know you enjoyed being with Ebony and I. Why not bring your wife in on this and then you will have all of us. ‘


Alex thought for a moment. The more he thought about it the harder his penis became. ‘Nah, Gloria would never go for it. It sounds good; it does sound really good. Anyway, I think she is already cheating on me with someone. I can see all the signs. I mean she is always gone. She is emailing him and then deletes them so I can not read them. I am telling you some thing is going on.'  


‘Just relax, Alex.' Amanda pushed him back on the bed. She wanted to tell him that she was the other person in his wife's sex life, but Gloria swore her to secrecy. With her small hands she gently lifted his half erect member up. ‘The only cheating going on here is with me and you.' She took his penis into her mouth.


Amanda and Alex affair started quite simply. Last January, Gloria left for two weeks to attend her mother's funeral. Because Alex did not know how to cook, she asked Amanda to check in on him while she was out of town. First, Amanda would come over before Alex would wake up and cook everything. By the time he showered and shaved, she would be leaving out the front door. However, one day something caused Amanda to wake up late and get to the apartment late. After starting breakfast, she noticed that Alex was still asleep. Carefully, she walked in the room to wake him.


Alex nude body lay uncovered and motionless on the bed. Amanda did not realize that he was nude until she walked up to the bed and turned on the light. When she touched his shoulder, he rolled over and greeted her with the longest and thickest penis she ever seen. It was ten inches and it was half hard. She savored how the head of his penis mushroomed up from the thickly veined shaft.  Amanda gasped, ‘Oh, my God.' Surprised and aroused by the sight, she quickly left the room.


Not knowing exactly what happened, a surprised Alex quickly jumped out of the bed and put on his robe. By the time he reached the kitchen, Amanda was opening the front door to leave. Alex touched her on the shoulder. ‘I am sorry, Amanda. I am off work today and was sleeping late. I did not know you were coming.' He motioned for her to stay.


Reluctantly, Amanda decided to stay and finish cooking. However, she could not get the sight of Alex's nude body out of her mind. Every time, Alex got up from the table, she tried to take a look. "Damn, that man is really packing. I would love to have all that inside of me,' she thought silently to herself as she prepared to do the laundry. It took her less than fifteen minutes to gather up every thing and put them in the washer. She knew that Alex could put them in the dryer after they finished so she prepared to leave. Calling to Alex, she said, ‘Hey can you come to the utility room for a minute.' She wanted to show him what to do after she left.


By this time, Alex returned to the den and was playing video games on the flat screen television. Stopping the game, Alex strolled into the room carrying his favorite mug full of beer. ‘Alright I am here what do you want me to do?' He placed the mug on the shelf over the deep freezer.


Because Amanda got up late, she decided not to wear her bra and just slipped on the tee-shirt and some jeans.   The utility room was hot and Amanda grew tired in the heat. Since the dyer had run all day, before long her white tee-shirt became soaked in sweat. When Alex opened the door to the room, the cold air rushed inside across the soaked fabric of the wet tee-shirt. Instantly Amanda's large nipples poked against the restraining fabric. She replied, ‘This is the last load I am putting in the washer. I need you to put the rest of the clothes into the dryer.' She noticed that Alex just stood there staring at her like a deer stuck in the headlight of an oncoming vehicle. ‘Alex, do you hear me,' she questioned?


Not really listening to her he replied ‘Yeah, I hear you.'  And continue to take in the sight of her erect nipple poking against the fabric. The pressure caused the wet tee-shirt to perfectly outline every curve on her upper torso. Alex thought to himself, ‘Damn, I did not know she was that fine.'


Amanda did not mind him looking at her that way. It actually made her horny. However, she really wished that he would do more than just look. ‘So, put these close in the dryer when the washer stopped.' She looked at Alex. She thought to herself, ‘He is not paying attention to anything I say. He is still looking at my breast.' She loudly shouted, ‘Alex, will you get your mind off my chest and on what I am trying to tell you.'


Regaining his composure, Alex replied, ‘I am listening to you. I was just thinking about something.' Alex really liked the size of Amanda's perky breast. They were not huge like Gloria's but they looked very firm. The feeling came back into Alex's legs. He could feel his penis push against the fabric of his shorts.


She joked, ‘Yeah, you are thinking about my breast. What you want to see them or something?' Not really thinking about what she was doing and not waiting for Alex to answer, Amanda quickly jerked the wet tee-shirt over her head and exposed her bare chest. Three hours later, she slowly left the apartment, limped to the elevator, and return home well satisfied.

The End

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