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Alex pulled the Master Card statement from his shirt pocket. He reread the highlighted charges. They were for two plane tickets and a hotel room reservation at the Marriot in Cambridge. Leaving the den, he strolled down the long hallway. Opening the closed wooden door to the extra bedroom, he slowly walked inside the room. The moment he entered, it seem like all conversation stopped. He wondered to himself, ‘What are they talking about?' It seemed like every time he came around, the conversation stopped and the giggling would start. He knew they were up to something but what? ‘Uh, there is a strange charge on this month's credit card statement. It is for two airplane tickets and a hotel room at the Marriot. Do you know anything about it?' He walked over to the loveseat and handed her the statement.


Gloria's best friend loudly protested, ‘Well, can't you speak, Alex, or am I invisible or something?' Sitting at the desk, she stood up and moved to the loveseat. ‘I mean how rude.' She sat down, folded her legs up on the couch, and returned to reading the book she had with her.


Alex teased her, ‘Well, I did not know shadows talked. Hi, Gloria's shadow, how are you doing to day?' He liked Amanda but she was always in the middle of their conversation every time he wanted to talk to Gloria. ‘So, do you know anything about this, Gloria?' he questioned and handed her the paper again.


Taking the paper she looked at the charges briefly and handed it back to him. ‘Yes, that was the trip Amanda and I took last month,' Gloria replied. She did not like lying to her husband but she did not want him to know the truth, not right now.  ‘Since you had National Guard duty, we decided to fly to Cambridge to run down some leads about your family. We did not find out much but I think we did find a relative of your mother. At least, I hope so. I tried to see him but he was not in town, so Amanda and I just toured the town and enjoyed ourselves shopping.' They looked at each other, held hands, and giggled.     


Alex thought to himself, ‘Yeah, you enjoyed yourself with another man.' He continued to sit in the black leather office chair. He looked at the article from the old newspaper that Gloria framed in glass and hung on the wall in front of the computer desk. It was hard for him to remember the accident because he was only eighteen months old at the time. Nevertheless, for some reason seeing the paper brought back a flood of memories. He placed the wrinkled credit card statement back into the envelope. Turning around to face the black leather love seat where his wife and her best friend were sitting, he replied, ‘Gloria, I think it's nice that you want to find my relatives; but, honey, the paper said they all died in the accident. Since my father did not have any brothers or sisters and I never knew my mother's parents that mean I have no family. It is just us; Alex and Gloria Martin and some day a baby; that is enough for me.' He stood up and strolled out of the home office Gloria set up in the extra bedroom to do her accountant work and headed for the den.


Alex entered the large den and immediately closed the door so he could have some privacy. He did not want to believe it, but all the signs were there. The secrecy, the emails, the late night phone calls and now a trip that she forgot to mention she was taking; all the signs showed that Gloria was having an affair. But he needed to know for sure. Reluctantly, he dialed Anthony Green, a private detective that he considered hiring. Alex felt that something more was going on other than Gloria searching for his family. ‘Okay, so are you going to take my case,' Alex questioned.  She been acting strange and yesterday I discovered a charge on the credit card statement for a trip to Cambridge, Massachusetts. I just asked her about it and she said Amanda and her took the trip to run down some leads about my family. I think they went to see their men.'


‘Well, Mr. Martin, like I said earlier, I really do not think you have anything to worry about. However, I can take the case. Just come by my office and pay my retainer. I will see what I can find out for you.' The detective hung up the phone.  


Alex turned the cell phone off and placed it on the table and reclined the brown Lazy Boy chair. ‘Damn, I can not believe I am going through this. After everything I do for this woman, she decides to cheat on me. If I find out who he is I am going to kill him.' He turned on the flat screen television with the remote control and continued to watch the boxing match.  


Meanwhile, Amanda and Gloria were still sitting on the loveseat in the den. ‘Girl that was close. Why not just tell him. He is a man; he will love you for it,' she said as she slid closer to her secret lover. Their bodies pressed tightly together as they gently kissed. Amanda tongue danced around Gloria open mouth as they continued to caress each other lovingly. Gloria discovered that she was bi-sexual when she met Amanda Foster last year. She moved into the condo complex two years after Alex and Gloria married. She and Gloria met at the condo association meeting. They volunteered to work on the same committee and became fast friends. Last December, Amanda was in the apartment the day Gloria received the news of her mother's death. After crying on Amanda's shoulders, she somehow found herself wrapped in her arms. It felt good and she did not mind.


‘Well, Amanda, I am sorry, but I can not take that chance. You know how jealous he is. If I told Alex that I took a trip to see a good looking billionaire playboy, he would kill him and me.' Gloria ran her small hands gently across Amanda's face. She let her fingers linger momentarily behind her ear and gently massaged. She really loved her husband, but being with Amanda allowed her to feel somehow more like a woman. Amanda knew how to make her feel good and did things a lot better than her husband. However, no amount of plastic could ever replace the feel of having Alex inside of her.


‘I am not talking about that silly. I mean tell him about us. Just imagine you and I doing Alex. What man would not enjoy that?  Do you remember my girlfriend Ebony? Well, she and I did my boyfriend together once, and he loved it.' She leaned over and kissed Gloria's lips again. ‘I got to go. Some of us have to actually leave the condo complex to go to work.' She stood up and shifted her dress. Bending over to retrieve her briefcase from the floor, Amanda dress slid up exposing her bare bottom and hairless vagina.


‘As sexy as you are, who would not love it. Anyway, like I said he would kill you and me,' Gloria said and smiled as she took in the wonderful site. Grabbing Amanda's hips, she quickly ran the tips of her fingers gently through the moist exposed pink lips. 


‘Oh, girl, that feels good.' Amanda shivered with pleasure. Soon her bare skin became covered with goose bumps. She stayed bent over for a moment and enjoyed the feel of her fingers darting in and out of her and toying with her clit. ‘I wish you did not have to stop, but I am all ready late for court.' She stood up and adjusted her tight peach dress again. She continued, ‘You said he got fourteen inches. Girl, I can take that kind of killing anytime. Bye, precious. I will tell Alex bye on my way out.' She kissed her friend and walked down the hall toward the front door. Stopping by the den, Amanda poked her head inside. Alex was sleeping in the chair in front of the flat screen television. She checked down the hall to see where Gloria was, and then slowly went inside the room. She had to be quick. She did not want to be discovered, but she just wanted to touch it. Silently, she walked to the sleeping figure. She looked down at him. ‘Oh, you look good enough to eat,' Amanda said to herself. Quickly she reached down and gently rubbed his semi erect member. It immediately throbbed under her touch.


Alex slowly half opened his tired eyes and held the hand on his crotch for a moment. ‘Oh, hi, honey, you want to watch the television?' With his free hand, he rubbed her exposed leg. His hand moved up under her dress and stopped to play with her exposed vagina. ‘Oh, I like that; you do not have on underwear.' He smiled and fully opened his eyes and looked at her.


Hearing footsteps coming down the hall, Amanda quickly knelt and gently kissed the lump. Getting back to her feet, she spoke loudly, ‘Hey, I just want to let you know that you need to get your lazy ass up and lock the door.'

The End

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