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A collection of stories about love, hidden lives snd s huge family fortune. Imagine what peolpe will not do for money and some good sex. (This story contains adult themes and subjects. Parental consent is strongly advised.)

Searching For Family


In 1710, the artifacts that Roman Rochester, a noted archaeologist, found in the forest of Armenia brought the family a huge fortune and immense fame. Inside one of the many dark and forgotten caves in the surrounding snow capped Armenia mountain range, the archaeologist discovered the lost treasure of Keamean. The lost treasure consisted of gold, diamonds and other precious gems and metals that were worth over 900 million dollars. The dethroned king hid the entire treasury of his vast kingdom inside the caves.  Among the famed treasures of the Keameanian dynasty was the jewel encrusted Statue of Grasbanotok. The legend said who ever owned this solid gold statue was given a great blessing for an awful price. The person that found the treasure was cursed to live forever until an heir was born. The price was if they wanted to continue to live they had to sacrifice every heir born directly to them.  If a child was born and lived, the curse could be passed on to the heir through a simple ritual and the other person would rapidly grow old and die. Because Roman enjoyed the trappings of eternal life, for two generations no male child in the Rochester family lived a pass birth.


In a futile attempt to enjoy the curse, Roman and his wife Elizabeth decided not to have anymore children other than the one daughter, Mary, they already conceived. Mary married Jonathan Barker, a hand picked suitor that worked for one of Roman's many companies. Jon and Mary lived on the large estate until they died. Sadly, every time the couple conceived a child, Roman made sure it was a girl. Mary conceived two girls, Susan and Doris from her marriage. However, Doris died at a young age from a cholera infection. Roman lived to be one hundred and eighty-six years old. On his birthday, October 13, 1830, his great grand daughter, Eliza, gave birth to a 7 pound baby boy named Victor.


By this time Roman grew weary of the trappings of the curse. Upon finding out of the birth of the male heir, Roman convinced the young couple to move onto the estate. For years, Roman groomed Victor to assume control of the family fortune. Once, young Victor reached twenty-one years of age, Roman took him into the large den. ‘Son, it is time for you to assume control of the family business. Just remember everything I have told you.' Moments later, Roman pricked the young man's finger and placed a drop of the child's blood on the statue. The next day Roman finally died.


Victor Rochester stood looking at his reflection in the mirror. He could not believe he was one - hundred and eighty years old. He leaned with one hand against the sink while searching the medicine cabinet with the other hand. Although he looked only forty, recently he felt more like one hundred. Over the years, he noticed that it became more difficult for him to walk but with a cane he managed. ‘Damn, you Great Granddad Roman, why did you have talk me into taking this curse.' He walked out of the bathroom into the hallway of the Rochester Mansion. ‘Martha, where is my damn razor. It is not in the bathroom.'


‘Now, Victor, you know that the doctors do not want you to shave yourself.' Martha Bates worked for Mr. Rochester for four years. She knew the old man's habits. To keep him from finding where she hid the straight razor, she quickly laid down the clothes and rushed to the hallway. Taking him gently by the arm, she led him to the dressing room. Yesterday she laid out a suit for Victor to wear. ‘Here is the suit that I picked for you to wear.' She liked Victor. To be over one hundred, he looked very good. Three years ago, she discovered that he did not make a bad lover either. Holding up two pairs of shoes, she inquired, ‘Which shoes do you want to wear, the slip on Bostonians or the lace up Stacy Adams?' He pointed to the Bostonians and sat down on the bed. After dressing in his normal Armani blue wool suit, Victor walked to the waiting car for the trip to his downtown office.


Victor could not believe his luck. He finally found another heir to the Rochester fortune and curse. The moment he opened the email his entire body started to hurt. He wondered to himself, ‘Is that what old age feels like?' He continued to read the email. ‘Okay, now I have to confirm that he is a Rochester. Once I do; I can get a drop of his blood on that statue and I can break this curse. Damn, I will be glad to finally die.' He called the law firm that handled all of the Rochester legal matters to get every thing in order. 


Today was a busy day. He had court at ten thirty; then at two he was scheduled to attend a luncheon for some worthless causes that he cared nothing about. Later that day, he was scheduled to attend two dinner parties, a political fundraiser, and later that night he was going over to the Marriot Hotel to meet someone. Being the oldest man alive meant everyone wanted to see him. Being the only known living male Rochester meant he was one of the wealthiest people on earth. It also meant that he could never die.


For months, Gloria worked hard to collect all of the information she needed. Often she worked in secrecy as she searched for the only relative that Alex had. She and Amanda located Victor Rochester in Cambridge after an internet search of Alex mother's maiden name. Later, Gloria contacted him. After Alex parents, older brother and older sister died in a car accident in Texas, the only child that survived was put into the foster care system. Baby Alex was quickly taken in by a very loving couple and became lost in the foster care system. For years no one in the wealthy Rochester family knew that a male heir to the huge family fortune existed. Upon arranging the accident, Victor thought that it claimed all three of the children.


After Gloria researched the archives of the foster care system, she was able to locate an old picture of the dead couple and a family name. Later she went to the library and did a genealogical search for his ancestors. She was surprised when Victor replied to her emails. Later after secretly sending in some DNA samples, she received a registered letter from the Wilson, Brandon, and Miller law firm. They wanted to set up a meeting with her to discuss meeting Alex.


The American Airline plane landed at the airport on time. The two friends walked off the plane, retrieved their luggage and walked to the rental counter. However, because it was now after ten o'clock in the evening, the counter was closed. Instead, they took a taxi to the Marriot and checked in. After bringing the luggage up to the room, Gloria headed for the shower. ‘Amanda, I am going to take a quick shower before Victor comes. Why not order something to eat from room service.' She took off her sweater, skirt, and blouse and neatly laid them on the back of the chair. 'I think I saw a bar down stairs. If you want to we can go there after Victor leaves.' By this time she finished undressing and walked into the bathroom and started the shower.


Amanda continued to hang up the clothes they brought with them in the closet. All she could think about was turning on the television and settling in for the night. ‘I am alright, sweetie; unless you are hungry, I do not want anything to eat. I will like to go out later and get a drink though.' She threw the empty suit bags on the floor inside the closet, sat in the chair by the window and opened the curtains. Although it was night, the tenth floor room gave them a break taking view of downtown Cambridge. She sat and took in the scenery.


Around eleven o'clock in the evening, Victor arrived at the hotel. The phone rung and Gloria answered, ‘Hello?' The call informed her that Victor was downstairs in the restaurant. She and Amanda hurriedly finished dressing and rushed down to the restaurant to meet with him. Victor was charming. Gloria thought that he looked younger than his picture. After forty minutes of going over details of the family and the results of the DNA test, Victor decided he wanted to visit his relative to talk to him about his inheritance. He would have to be taught like he was. However, since Alex held a degree in Business from Texas State University, it should not take long. ‘I will be so glad to finally die and get this curse off my back,' Victor silently said to himself. He kissed each of the women on the cheek and left


The End

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