Oui, oui, le capitaine Tribord

Jeremiah Copland, a 16 year old helper of the ship:
Prince Anderson
which belonged to his great-great grandfather who sailed the seas many years before him.
He now sails the 7 seas with his father's brother in-law, Tom Starboard. Who is captain.
Jeremiah faces many problems along the way, meeting new friends every step.


  Jeremiah Copland sat crossed-legged on the deck about two feet away from the railings that separated him from the sea. He closed his eyes and let the salty sea waters splatter on his face during the high waves. He often opened his eyes to find small fishes or crabs on the deck or even on his clothing. Jeremiah would carefully just pluck them away and safely cast them into the salty sea of which them came.

   When Jeremiah wasn't relaxing on the deck, he was helping his grandmother May make dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Chopping vegetables and fruits, scaling fish, peeling the shells off crabs or shrimps, he found helpful for Grandmother May. Although he adored sea animals and didn't want to lay one hurtful finger on them. But it was for his family and friends so he did. 

  Captain Tom Starboard was, well, the captain. He ordered the sailors and washers, and everyone on the Prince Anderson. He steered the ship any way he wanted. Looking for treasures and jewels, and possibly a few mermaids on the way.

  "Ahh...." Jeremiah sighed as he laid down on the freshly mopped deck, he stared up at the smoke funnel on top of the Prince Anderson and watched the funny shaped smoke clouds float up into the sky and fade away.


The End

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