The beautiful field was empty from all human interference. Only a few rabbits hopped across the grass their teeth tearing the lush green grass, and the swaying dandelions, daisies and butter-cups, along with the low hum of insects, and the buzz of the bees as they flew from flower to flower. It was such a tranquil sight. Until...

Suddenly, their came a loud noise, like a car, but ten times louder. The rabbits looked up, and immediately fled as fast as possible. The gentle hum of the insects continued, though under the roar of the noise, and the wind still blew, softly ruffling the blades of grass. Then, the grass began to whip, the wind growing stronger, all the grass bending away from a central point, trying to escape, trying.. But it was not to be. 


Came a tremendous noise as a small space-craft burst the bubble of tranquillity, embedding it's nose in the ground, and bursting into flames. The grass quickly browned, then blackened, and the insects were no more, leaving the only sound the crackling of the flames as they wrought their terrible path, destroying everything in sight. 

Just as the fire was reaching the edge of the field, nearing the surrounding forests, the heavens opened, and the gods let loose their sorrow on the terrible scene, dousing the flames, but not before the damage had been done. The once lush field was now black and burned, the trees at the edges stained with smoke and ash, small pieces of warped metal lying half-buried in the ground around the smouldering wreckage. 

The space-ship was a small one, only big enough to carry two passengers at most. It was easy to tell that it had once been a magnificent space-craft, far more advanced than any that humans had made, once sleek and white, almost like a concord in shape, it was clearly meant for speed. Now, though, its nose was driven into the ground at an angle, and the glass screen over the control deck was shattered, exposing the control booth, with two chairs, on one of which slumped the sole passenger. 

She was burned, and bruised, but somehow, only on her face and hands, her almost- white hair singed a little and her pink lips, the only splash of colour on her pale-skinned face, excluding her half-shut blue eyes, were bloody and split. But strangely, the tight white jump-suit she wore was not in any way damaged. It remained pristine, with out a trace of dirt. 

Finally, as the rain eased, the girl began to stir... 

The End

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