After Artemis finished breakfast, he closed his eyes and pictured the table clear of his dirty dishes. When he opened them again, the dishes were still there.

He smiled, and figured that this environment would only grant so many wishes, and doing the dishes wasn't one of them. He looked under the sink, and found dish washing liquid.

 After the dishes were done, he sat down at the table to go through the document on the clip board. He read it right through, and wasn't much wiser when he finished. Apparently, Otherworld  documents were written by lawyers in legalese, the same as the lands above it. Frustrated, he put his elbows on the table, and put his head in his hands.

"Now what?" He thought, "There's no way I'm going to understand all this crap."

He went back to his bedroom and got dressed in a nice new suit that he had imagined. When he returned to the kitchen, he sat down and tried to make sense out of a document that made no sense.

Just as he was trying to figure out what to do next, Bernard appeared out of thin air, and sat at the table.  Taken by surprise, Artemis jumped and nearly fell off his chair. Bernard reached across and steadied the chair, before he could fall off of it.

"Th..thanks," he stammered. "How did you reach all the way across the table?" 

Bernard reached towards Scout and touched his chair again.

"It's not so difficult. This body I inhabit is for your benefit only. My true essence is mainly light and energy. The image you see before you can be as fluid as I wish it to be."

 "So you're a shape shifter then?"

Bernard shrugged.

 " I suppose so. At least as close as I would be able to explain to you, anyway. I came to get you so that you could learn your way around. I prefer not to keep coming back here every time you need something."

Artemis got up out of his chair, and followed Bernard to what appeared to be a solid wall. as they approached it, the wall formed a portal large enough to walk through.  As they passed through it, the portal closed behind them.

 "Will every wall open up as I approach it?" Scout  asked, bemused.

 "No, just the structures that you are allowed to enter. Each entity has their own home and work structures, and there are public structures that everyone is allowed to enter, such as the high court."

The End

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