All around him, there was soft light and gleaming surfaces. Furniture from several different eras dotted a wide open central area, that seemed to serve as a dining/sleeping/entertaining area.

There was a beautiful 4 poster bed from the 1800's, complete with a brocade canopy and matching draperies. An oaken bedside table from roughly the same period, with a Tiffany lamp on it, graced one side of the bed.

There was a Plexiglas and steel entertainment centre from the 21st century, with a big flat screen in the centre of it. Pulsing images came and went as he stared at it.

There was a kitchen in the corner with painted red cabinets and a red Formica and chrome dinette set, circa the 1950's. Bernard walked over to the dinette table and rested a paw on it.

 "If there's anything you would like to change, Just picture the item clearly in your mind as you wish it to be, and touch it firmly until it changes into what you wish."

With that, the table became a formal polished walnut dining table, with seating for eight. Bernard walked over to the cabinets that were still painted a garish red, and opened the door of one of them. Inside there were several containers of different sizes, hues and materials that Scout couldn't even guess at.

"The same procedure applies to your food, as well.  I will leave you now, so that you may settle in." Without a word of warning, he disappeared into thin air.

Artemis went over to the bed and climbed up onto it. He didn't know why these  types of beds  from the 18Th century were so high, since the people of that time were supposedly shorter.

He lay down on it, and decided he preferred his own bed, so he closed his eyes and pictured it clearly in his mind. He opened his eyes and saw that he was in his own bed, or at least an excellent facsimile. He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep. It had been a very, very long day.

When he awoke he felt completely refreshed. He got out of bed and looked at his surroundings. Everything was the same as before, with the exception that the clip board from his arrival was now on the dining table.

The page on the top requested that he please study the contents carefully. It said that his representative, Bernard would appear if he had any questions. He rifled through the pages, and decided that he should get cleaned up and have some breakfast first.

He walked around the chamber, and found a door leading into an ornately appointed bathroom with a huge porcelain tub with clawed feet, and golden faucets. He decided that he would keep the tub as it was, and have a good long hot bath.

He walked over to the toilet, which was an odd looking thing . The tank was  suspended on the wall at least two feet above the bowl. He vaguely remembered that this was one of the first flush toilets, invented in England in the late 1800's. He sat on it, and felt the cold metal of the tank behind him pushing his head forward. This was not  particularly comfortable.

He closed his eyes and pictured his own toilet. and when he opened his eyes, it was there. He ran the water and got ready for his bath as the tub filled. He pictured everything that he needed, and it would appear. Thick fluffy towels, soap, shampoo, bath mat.

When he  finished, he dressed in the warm terry cloth robe he had imagined, and went into the kitchen.  He pictured a good breakfast with eggs, bacon, home fries, and a steaming cup of coffee. He realized that all this was probably a heart attack waiting to happen, but he was  hungry, and resolved to eat more sensibly for lunch.

The End

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