Hags Of FateMature

Misting into a certain reality, I pulled back my hood, parting my lips to breathe in the little darkness that was left.

In front of us, was a large house.  Mansion, maybe.  Hotel, I suppose.   Our home hardly had blue prints.  

The Hags call it "The Equilibrium."  The Equilibrium was made of marble, black, and shining.  In the distance, the sun was cracked on the far off mountains, illuminating it brightly.  On the other side, the darkness took over completely, covering the forest.  And in the middle, stood our home, shining, and reflecting.  

Trees surrounding the Equilibrium, giving shade from the sunset.  

The Equilibrium leered over me, as I looked up to it.

A part of me wonders how I ever found my path to this place.

Erebus pressed his body to my back, reaching forward for my breasts.

Oh yes, that's how.

"We better get inside," my voice came out strong.  His eyes were dark, and eerie, staring at me, willing me to stay.

The air pulsed, our song, our calling, willing us into the building as the hags became restless.

"Darklings . . . "  

I flowed forward, my cape following after me, whistling in the air.  Erebus growled, deep in his throat, then followed.

The thick reflecting doors parted, opening to the . . . lobby, I suppose.  The office, maybe.

The floor shined, lacking scratches, despite our spats.   At the table, sat the Hags of Fate.  My chair called to me.  My chair, on the table of The Hags of Fate, and Darklings and Lightlings. 

It amazes me, but I know that it was always my rightful place.  

"Ebony, Erebus.  So lovely of you to finally join us," Dormarth raised his eyebrows, but his eyes were on me.

"Sorry for the wait," I purred at him, pulling the chair into the table, crossing my legs under the table.

Me and Dormarth have a kind of love and hate relationship.  I piss him off, or try to.  Most of the time I just try to get him to react.  

"No you're not," Ariana grinned slyly.  

'No, no I'm not," I smiled back at her.  

The table was molded to the floor, after I threw it across the room at Dormarth.  

"We're also waiting for Shani, and Scarlet, so it was not terribly inconvenient, Ebony.  You two at least did not decide to fit in a fuck before a calling," her voice was low, only sign to show that she was mildly irritated.  Hecate was awfully impatient, and though Shani entertained her most of the time, it was no excuse to Scarlet.

I snickered, thinking of how Erebus almost did try.

Scarlet swaggered into the room, swaying her hips in her cape, similar to mine, but red.  

"Yama, Dormarth.  Calliech, Araina. Ardit, Roth--"

"Oh, we get it already, just sit in your chair, Scarlet," Hecate growled.  Shani followed after Scarlet, sliding into her chair with a dancer's grace.  

To piss off Hecate, Scarlet slowly kissed Shani.  Shani was always loyal to her partner, but when you need to entertain a hag, your boss, she could hardly so no.  But I believe that she likes some of what she gets from Hecate.  

Dormarth was starting to burn.  For some reason, I could feel his lust, firing mine.   I met his gaze across the round table, not blinking.  His eyes were white, but I could spot his pupils.   

His face was blank, but I know that after this meeting he would leer into my domain, forcing himself on me.

And I wouldn't fight him.

I mentioned the love and hate, relationship, right?

The hate is mostly because he fucked me.

Right before he killed me.

The End

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