Eyes of The DarklingsMature

Walking down the street, humming to myself, I heard a whish of someone moving quickly. 

Followed by that, a pair of arms wrapped around my hips.  I leaned back into the body, a familiar scent of darkness filled my nose, my sense. 


"The hags of fate call," he whispered, the words rumbling through his voice.  The road was dead, dark and empty.  The large white moon shined, a howl sounded, and I laughed, grinning. 

Tiliting my head back, I kissed the soft lips that waited for me.  "Let's not keep them waiting," I pulled back and looked into the eyes of pure darkness, like my own.  his eyes had swelled in lust, again like mine. 

That was the only thing we had in common in looks.  The eyes of the darklings. 

I wasn't short.  But Erebus was taller than me.  Dark  hair, and dark skin, with lips that were light and smooth.  His hair curled, when he let it grow out.  As I ran my fingers through his hair, I smiled.


"Let's go before we start doing something that would make us late," whispered.  As i said this, black smoke swirled around us, two seperate clouds, which settled and formsed our cloaks. 

Black as night, light as the shadows.  Putting my hood up, it hid my face completely.  Then we went farther to the shadows until the darkness swallows us whole.

The End

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