After that, Ted's body thinned.  His skin stretched across his bones, and eyes rolled into the back of his head.

This wasn't the first time I've killed here, so most weren't surprised, just went about there business.  Death was a natural part of all of our lives.  Not a real surprise. 

In the Right Side of Town, or the other Gray Dimension, or just the Mortal World, death is veiwed as an inhumane thing.

But their wrong.  They thought so very highly of themselves, humane/human.  Humans, are naturally curious creatures.  And curiousity isn't the best for others.  Think of all the experiments they did on people in the prisons, when they just started to exist.  They electrocuted, shot, burned, poisoned, many people, just to decrease populations in jails. 

How very humane indeed.  The French Revolution.  The many wars, after wars.  Guns, knives.  Murders.  And more and more, as they try to resist their nature. 

The kills done in the Otherworld are maintained.  No high death count.  Plenty of vampires, weres, mermaids, EVERYBODY, kills.  Everybody kills.  It's expected.  but in hte Otherworld it's not, it's not counted as an expectation.  That's why everyones so surprised when someone dies there.  They don't expect it, adapt to it.

It's not like no one dies, people. Everyone dies.

And I help them along. 

The End

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