Night TerrorMature

Outside the rink, people were buzzing, setting their bets in and screaming, yelling, kicking.  Ronny came up to give the rules.

"You both know the rule.  But Thanks to The List, that one rule has evaporated."  Sigh.  he held the amplifyer to his mouth, which was set in a line.  His thick eyebrows were a curtain for his dark eyes.  He never really likes it when I kill at the Equilibrium.  "Place your bets creatures.  Fight."

Ted hissed, flashing his fangs and ran to me.  I was relaxed, looking around.  But in the half second it took him to get to me, I met his eyes.

Mine had swelled completely.  The whole thing was black.  I could see the colors dancing around him.  Still in the half second, I found a certain blur, that was just clear.  A hole that seemed to have shot right through his aura. 

The world blurred, and Ted's eyes shrank.  Suddenly, we were somewhere else.  It was a dark room.  Ted was a little boy, hiding in the corner, sitting. 

Samuel Cowel was yellng.  A thin stream of light from under the door lit the room. 

"You bitch!  How. . . DARE you . . . Say that to me!"  

A woman was yelling, and hit, beaten down, whimpering.  Little Ted stayed in the corner.  Just sat there, staring blankly. 

"No!  No . . . No!"  She yelled.  "I said . . . no!"  Whimpering, she cried. 

The scene blurred, to the next one. 

"You are a dissappointment.  You . . . you son of a bitch!"  Samuel hit Ted, and hit him, and hit him.  He was bleeding from the head, but he didn't cry.  We were in the room, but the light was on.  A string of pornos laid on the ground.  Spitting on him, Samuel kicked him in the stomach.

"Did you want this?  You deserve this." 

Another image. 


I was leaning over him, my eyes black.  Killing him.  Laughing, bathing in his blood.

A sixth of a second, maybe, and i was back in reality.  "You are a dissapointment, Ted."  The words stopped him dead.  "Did you want this?"  I kicked him down.  "You deserve this."

I leaned over him, his back flat on the ground.   Smiling, I set my hands on his chest, and drained him dry.  Laughing, I absorbed all of the colors swirling around him, sucking into them, eating them.

After I was done, I kicked him in the stomach.  He was dead, empty eyes staring up into the roof.  Then I licked my lips, feeling sated. 

"Someones going to have to clean that up."

The End

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