Otherside of MeMature

"Smile.  Can't spare one smile?  Not even a little one?"  His face stayed down.  The bartender brought the troll another round, which was guzzled down without an inch of hesitance.  The big ugly green guy just wasnt having a good night.

Damn shame.

Cause I was in a good mood.

"Fine.  Big bad troll won't smile, what a suprise."  Relaxing in the bar, I leaned against the counter, tipping my head up to the bartender.  "Seen Ted around, Ronny?"

"Now, Ebony, don' you go looking for trouble.  Ever since you beat Ted's ass in the rink, he's been talking about how he's gonna make you scream Merlin."  Ronny realaxed, leaning his back against the shelf.  Ronny is a big guy.  No fat on this siren.  All muscle.  Ronny get's a lot of money running this joint, mainly because he runs it by himself.  It a bar/wrestling club.  Test your strength against a troll, or a wizad, or the big bad siren himself.  Ronny Mack. 

Or me.  An uncategorized Mystic.  Or Predator.  Take your bets in, and see who will win.

Anyone can jump in. 

Anyone.  And anyone can be here.  No political issue, otherwise the troll wouldn't be here.  Hell, I wouldn't even be here.  But Ronny is getting lots of money from people betting on me, since I'm a regular fighter, and winner.  And I'm getting a great rep.

"Well here's his chance."  Grinning slyly, I turned around and searched for Ted myself.  In the large room, there were more than the suggested amount.  This was a popular place in the Otherworld, or Otherside of Town.

I didn't always live here.

A rink sat in the middle of the room, surrounded by screaming yelling males, females of all creatures, with betting tickets in the hands. Or fin like hands.  Whatever works. 

Some moaned in frustration, some groaned in happiness.  Despite it all, I could here what anyone may whisper.

I didn't always have this sense of hearing.

In all of that, I could hear Ted.  Sense him.  Closing my eyes, I leaned back, slyly smiling and feeling his anxiety, fear, excitement. 

Opening my eyes, I knew that my pupils had swelled, like a vampires.  My black eyes were darker, pure darkness.  Ronny flinched, and I chuckled, not taking my eyes off of him. 

A Predator, is what people think I am.  But I can handle some magic.  Magic that no one else can seem to do. 

And they getting better.

Or worse.

"Better set your bets on me Ted.  I feel a win in me."  Winking, I sashayed off, leaving the chair spinning and my "friend" scared. 

I wore a low cut black shirt made of a special spider web, so it shimmered when I walk.  It felt like silk, and was light as a feather.  The best part was that it was warm, and when ever it got cut it wove itself back together.  I get cold easily, and get lots of scrapes as I get snagged into . . . Practice.

My pants were made of the same thing, and gloves.  I wore leather boots.  Even when I moved here, I go back every now and then for new shoes.  With my kind of practice, you don't exactly have shoes that last you a year. 

The boots clicked lightly on the hard floor.  So a lot of people heard me coming, or sensed that a Predator was hungry, and on the prowl. 

The parted like a sea.  When I reached the rink, a wizard chanted and used his wand on a weredog, knocking him out cold.

Any power, paired with another.  Doesn't matter who you fight.  What you fight.  Or when.  More importantly, how.  The only rule was not to kill.  Some say it's not fair.

Their the ones who don't get it here at Equilibrium.  The name is ironic.  People think that one creature is better than another.  Here is where they can prove it.  So it doesn't matter what you battle, so long as you win.  Prove that you are the best, of the best.

I'm a winning champ.  Never been beaten.  Here, anyway.

And no one knows what the hell I am. 

Stepping threw the circle, I took the voice amplifier from the winner, then pushed him off the rink.  In the Right Side of Town, people call it a microphone, but here it's from magic, not electronics. 

"Ted Bundy.  I hear, that you're going to make me scream Merlin."  The words purred threw the room. I pretended to search threw the crowd. "Care to try?" 

The room was quiet. 

I twirled, then speeded to his booth.  Taking a fry, I watched as they jumped.  "Come on Ted, you don't want to add me to the long list of women you've disappointed, do you?"

Eating the fry, I stared at him.  he straightened from his surprise, and glared. 

"Challenge accepted, bitch.  You ain't gonna live what I'm gonna put you through."  his jaw popped and veins pulsed in anger.

Mumbles of can't say that, can't mean that, what about the rule, the rule, can't kill here.

"Not too sure about that, Teddy.  You, are lucky.  Your on my list."  His eyes swelled.  He shrank in fear.  "So I can kill you, tonight.  You can either fight me like the man you're not, take it like the man you're not, or run, like the expected coward you are."

A the coward part, he rose up, so he could look down at me.  "When I win, you're mine.  I get to do whatever, anything, I want to you.  You won't want to live after I'm done with you."

"Challenge," I threw another frie in my mouth.  "Accepted."

The End

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