The Fifth Realm FallsMature

When I open my eyes I’m stood in a grey realm filled with nothingness. Mist which is so thick it could be felt brushing your clothes and skin. Sanvii slowly lets go of me his wings stretching up proudly and softly fanning mist away from us.

“Things are changing on Earth” Sanvii whispers fixing me with a black look. “Adam and his Eve have brought about change”

I shrug not knowing what he means. “Where are we? What is this place?” I ask shivering in the cold.

“It is a new realm named the sixth, it is a place for sin and blood”

I shiver again turning a full circle to take in the blank wasteland stretching out infinitely in all directions.

“What is an Eve?” I ask softly turning to watch Sanvii. His face is serene as he watches me watch the realm but my question unsettles him and I see his wings twitch and ruffle themselves.

“Eve is created of Adam” He replies “A woman made for him and his loneliness when you left Eden.”

My heart palpitates a little and I look up at Sanvii, shocked.

“They made him another to take his place?” I ask thinking hard on the subject my brow furrowed before I give a sharp laugh. “I should feel sorry for her, but if she is made of him then she will be the same as him. I hope her countenance is like a mirror for him!”

Sanvii does not change his expression but watches me carefully. “I had thought Adam having another would hurt you in some way.”

“I am glad that he is not a part of my life anymore. I care nothing about him or his Eve!”

Sanvii nods and takes a hold of my hand gently leading me through the realm. I think it is more for him then for me that he walks and talks.

“I’m speaking of change Lilith” he tells me and I jog a little to keep up with him. Noticing he slows down and I am able to answer.

“I hear you Sanvii and I am listening”

Sanvii gives me a slight smile before running a hand through his hair absently. “You remember all of Eden?” he asks and I nod in reply. “Do you remember the rules? The things forbidden to do?”

Again I nod and then things click in my head. “The tree of life! They ate of the tree of life? Are they dead?”

Sanvii shakes his head sadly “No little one, they live. They have changed what is to be on Earth from now on. There is no more immortality and there is pain and suffering and free reign in life.”

My heart is thumping as I think of the act, the small act of eating one sweet apple and the effect it had on the earth.

“What will happen now?” I ask softly, reaching up a hand and placing it on Sanvii’s broad shoulder briefly showing him that I understand.

“The upper realms will withdraw from Earth. The fifth realm will be cloaked in glamour and we will hide ourselves from them. Theirs will be a realm of sin and iniquity for a while; they will have to prove themselves to God”

I nod and then another click in my head and I stop and my heart begins hammering once more. Tears stand in my eyes. “Sanvii!” I call and he looks back at me and walks to meet me. “Sanvii!” I sob “I’m going to die! I will be like them and die!”

The End

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