Addai's FollyMature

Folding my clothes and placing them back inside the massive wardrobe with one hand and brushing my hair with another I sit and think. My housework is methodical and it’s almost soothing to do some mundane human task while I sift through old memories.

The village leader watches me carefully as I move things around the dry mud house. It has been five years since I left Eden and I was adjusting poorly.

When I arrived an old woman ran up the road to greet me, she pulled me into her arms and proclaimed me to the villagers as her niece from a village to the north.

These beings were different to Adam and I. They were...weaker than Adam and I but as immortal as we were. Adam and I were the first created and due to our image and the love the creator had for us, he created more around the earth. These people were from our design but somehow different. In His own way he honoured us with our power as though placing us upon some pedestal for others to admire.

I had spent these years working with my “aunt” and creating furniture out of supple woods found in the neighbouring woodlands. My aunt had taught me how to create these wonders and then she and I would distribute them to the villagers who paid and I would bring them to them.

The villagers were grateful for our work and we were often inundated with requests. Could we please create something to hold scripture for the village scholar? Could we please create a chair for the school room?

Not all villagers were grateful. I was beautiful and unattached. In a patriarchal society such as the one I lived in it was unheard of for a woman to be unattached. My aunt was an old maid and had no admirers but I was attractive and what infuriated man more was that I paid them no heed. After Adam I wanted no other man.

The Village leader was attached to a woman whom I admired. His wife was strong and smart and she bowed to no man. The downside to this is that the Village leader began looking elsewhere and preying on the quieter meeker women of the village. He had three times made advances to me and three times I had pushed him away, each time I had seen his self control slip just a little as though he were slipping off an edge.

“Lilith, this furniture you make is sublime you must give my regards to your dear aunt”

I smile and nod arranging furniture in the cramped hut with care. I move the table to the left and place an arm chair squinting around the room to see where I can now place the table. I am concentrating so much that I do not notice him behind me, moving forward stealthily he wraps his arms around his waist and lifts me up. I shriek a little pathetically and wriggle in his grasp.

“Please! Sir! Put me down” I ask trying not to let the fear choke my voice or make me panic.

The village leader is named Addai and I call his name shrilly.

He finally throws me down on the bed of straw across the room and lurches over me. I glare up at him as he leers at me.

“Have you forgotten yourself?” I seethe pushing my robes down and scooting across the rough blanket on the bed toward the door, he tracks me slowly.

“You make me forget myself” he rasps walking slowly around the bedding to prevent my escape.

“I can’t defend myself” I cry panic beginning to hammer in my heart as I struggle to stand on the uneven surface; I am taller than him stood up. “So I implore your sense of duty! Your wife, your children... think of them”

Addai shakes his head his eyes fastened to the swell on my chest and his hands reach for me. I am trapped. I know if I defend myself I will be deemed as hurting or maybe even killing another person. I would be punished by Sanvii. I think of him and wish he was here as the village leader’s hands begin pulling at my robes.

The light that flashes is bright enough that I feel it past my closed eyes. I open them to see grey wings stretched to the roof making the mud hut look smaller. I blink and I feel Addai’s hands fall from my robes. I blink again trying to clear the flashes of light from my vision and see that Addai has fallen to his knees in front of Sanvii.

We are all aware of the Creator and we are all aware of the councils of Angels that look after this realm and the higher ones. During these times the higher realms were very involved in the fifth realm.

I look down at Addai and struggle to keep the sneer of disgust from my face. He is 450 years old with black hair and a heavy brow. He has the face of a leader but no restraint. I look up and fix my gaze on Sanvii who watches Addai with something akin to murder on his features. Kneeling down he whispers something into Addai’s ears and I watch aghast as Sanvii’s words turn the leader’s hair bright white.

Addai begins to weep. It’s childlike and ends with a soft hiccough and although I can’t see his face I can almost see the tears making a slow track down his face. I look up to see Sanvii’s hand stretched out toward me and with no hesitation I grasp it and immediately he pulls me over to him, I narrowly avoid colliding with Addai but it doesn’t matter, Sanvii has me in his arms and I rest my head against his chest.

“This will be uncomfortable” he whispers “Don’t let go of me”

His wings enfold and I feel the soft velvet of his under feathers brush against my face and then the light returns causing me to squeeze my eyes shut.

The End

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