Velia's WarningMature

The corridor is silent and in the distance a bell is rung. I take a few minutes to compose myself before walking back down the silk red corridor, my eyes fixed on the front door at the bottom of the grand double staircase. Velia is waiting for me, one hand rests casually on her hip and the bronze couture gown that barely covers her delicious frame is long and clinging. I sigh to myself and descend the stairs coming to a stop in front of her and she looks up at me for a long moment studying my features as though trying to memorise the expression on my face. After what seems like an age she speaks:

“We must talk Cherie, it is important” With that she turns dramatically and begins walking past the front door to a set of wooden double doors. I take pause for a moment sighing heavily to myself before following as she sweeps the sliding double doors open with as flourish revealing a golden parlour inside.

She strides in confident that I will follow and I do taking in the beautiful room with its furs and opulent and almost sensual golden figurines dotted about the room next to incense burners.

I take a seat on the edge of a long Chinese silk chaise lounge keeping Velia in my eye line. She sweeps majestically around the room snuffing out the incense as she went. She finally sits down in the armchair in front of me and fixes me with a long stare.

I shift uncomfortably under her dark eyed stare.

“You are looking for Sammael” she states and I nod nervously pushing a strand of ruffled hair behind my ears.

“Gremory has told you where he resides and now you intend on going there and awaiting his arrival”

I nod again; I’m starting to get suspicious. Although Velia is a demon she is neutral. This supernatural brothel caters to both the lower realms and the higher realms so she can take neither side in the Otherkin world.

 “I would ask that you think about your actions” she speaks softly leaning forward to lend the words confidence.

“I’ve known Sammael of old, infact it is my knowing of him that we came to meet”

I sigh and nod again, after the past two days I’m learning to listen before opening my mouth. Everyone has an opinion these days.

“I’d ask that you not be there for him, nor should you lend yourself to him, no matter how much love you have for him khabeebta”

I lean back a little shocked, not only did she care enough to warn me but she had called me Beloved. Velia and I have never been close but other the centuries we had always been polite to each other, letting each other know if any trouble was coming in our directions. Maybe we had bonded; I did not know when this may have been, maybe in Babylon.

“You have had millennia of walking this earth; you have learned that evil begets punishment. You have made a life for yourself and learned from your mistakes.”

Velia lets her eyes connect with mine and I feel the all too familiar lurch in my stomach and a heat rises in my loins.

“He will come back to this world and he will drag you down to the deepest levels of the Sheol with him. He wants power and dominion over this world and he wants his brother by his side to do it.”

I shiver and fix Velia with a stare. My emotions churn and I can’t make head nor tail of this. An overwhelming feeling of sadness threatens to crest and I feel tears begin to brim in my eyes. The closer I get to Sammael the more doors people close in my face. I don’t know what to do.

 “Why are you telling me this?” I ask, the sound of tears fill my voice. “Your neutral, why would you take a side against them?”

Velia gives a sad shadow of a smile.

“With Sammael returning to the earth, in these days and in this advanced time... I think it is time we all picked a side...”

The End

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