Gremory's LustMature

I step through the door and close it swiftly behind me leaning back against it and surveying the scene. A large bed is sprawled in the middle of the room in Arabian Nights style with scarves and cushions scattered around in mute purples and pinks. In the middle of the bed was laid Gremory, a slickly good looking man who looks around 35. His raven locks are scattered across the pillow and he is watching me with bright green jade eyes as I lean against the door, his eyes run tangibly up and down my body and I can almost hear him salivating. I give a seductive smile and tilt my head to take in the slender girl giving him fellatio. She is completely naked with small feet dangling off the end of the bed as she takes him into her mouth and I can smell the reek of heroin and sweat on her body.

I give a small cough and the girl gives a muffled squeak and...Spits out what she has in her mouth to give me a frightened squirrelly look. I walk forward to perch on the edge of the bed, Gremory hasn’t taken his eyes off me and my eyes are all for the emaciated mortal girl who is looking at me fearfully and with narrowed eyes as though trying to puzzle out who I was, I certainly did not work here.

“Out” I say softly to her and she scrambles off the bed forgoing clothes and rushes for the door, I wait for the click of it closing before turning to give Gremory my whole attention. He lays naked and proud of it and I allow my gaze to wonder from his bright shimmering green eyes to his sensuous mouth which is turned up into a lustful smile, I let my eyes roam down to a strong chin with a dusting of designer stubble, a smooth hairless chest and chiselled torso, I try to skip past his male parts but I’m curious and raise an eyebrow at its size and his obvious excitement at my presence.

“Hello Gremory” I say softly, turning so that I lie on my stomach on the bed, level with his chest, I rest my head on my hands and I smile up at him knowing I’m crushing my breasts against my chest and giving him a show.

Shlama illakh Lilith” He replies, he sits up slightly causing the muscles in his stomach to ripple and places his hands behind his head, obviously making himself more comfortable.

“I thought you might show up at some point and I knew it would be here, excuse the mortal, a little snack before you got here”

I smile and guard my thoughts from him lest he should steal things from me, you can’t trust Lower Realm Demons, and they would screw you other at the slightest turn, but I knew Gremory, since my time in Babylon he had been trying his hardest to possess me as his own since then. I don’t see anything good in being the mistress to a Demon of his caliber, it’s too dangerous. But to find Sammael I was willing to make some extremely reluctant changes.

“You can snack all you want Gremory, I’m not your keeper.”

He smiles sinuously and sits forward quickly and rolls over on his stomach so his face is close to mine and I can smell his breath on my face, menthol cigarettes and scotch. I watch him carefully as he takes a hand runs it down the nape of my exposed neck and I tilt my head back gently letting his fingers slip lower and lower until I feel his overheated hand brush against the top of my breast, my heart thumps quickly and I hold back my revulsion as he gets on his hands and knees and flips me onto my back, settling himself on top of me he forces one hand down the front of my dress to cup a breast in his hands and the other strokes my thigh softly letting it run higher and higher up my leg. My breathing is sharp and I hold his gaze as he watches me curiously a sly smile playing at his lips. My stomach churns and I think past vomiting.

Finally he smiles, perfect white teeth dazzling as he forces his hand roughly under the dress and begins caressing my lower abdomen his fingers toying with the front of my panties and I know he’s baiting me, waiting for me to start shouting at him and pushing him away.

A finger at the top of my panty line as he teases and starts to work his way in, I begin to panic before he finally gives a growl and pulls his hands from me. Using the bed in a sort of push up motion he raises himself to look me full in the face.

“You’re really going to let it be that easy? You must really want to see your Sammael again!” He looks surprised and I can barely hold back a laugh at the anger in his eyes.

“This will be no fun if I can’t have you how I want you!” he seethes pushing the words out between his perfect teeth.

“How do you want me Gremory?” I ask huskily not wanting to betray how close to panic I was. I curse myself mentally, Centuries ago I was able to seduce Sheikhs and Emperors, What had happened to me?

Gremory smiles “I remember you in Babylon little priestess, dancing for the King. I want you to yield to me and use your….expedient skills on me. We could give each other great pleasure!”

I smile up at him and shift beneath him so I’m comfortable, he growls lightly and curses in Cardeshian and grinds his erect penis into my groin.

“I can see I’m not going to get what I want...yet! But one night you’re going to be begging me to fuck you and I’ll make you mine to do with as I please.”

I can’t help it, I let a loud laugh pour from me and he is genuinely shocked which only makes me laugh more.

“You poor deluded fool!” I giggle. “I wouldn’t even bind myself to the first man of God, what would make you think I’d bind myself to you?”

His face stills and the emotion seems to seep from it only his eyes hold a cold darkness and the green dims as they bore into me. My laughter cuts off abruptly as he lowers his mouth until our lips are a breath apart, if I were to breathe in we would meet and once again my skin tries to crawl away. Seems as though my seduction plan and womanly wiles were going astray.

He brushes his lips across mine and I’m breathing in menthol as my lips part involuntarily.

“But you would bind yourself to Sammael” He whispers his lips on mine.

I begin to shake a little as I realise his power over mine. I’m so stupid, stupid and stupid thinking he would fall for this.

“Sammael is different” I whisper trying to keep the fear from my voice as he raises a hand to run it through my hair his lips still hovering tenuously above me.

“How is he different, because you love him? Because you believe he is worthy?”

I don’t say a word, I only look up at him and his eyes search mine as I let them fill reluctantly with fear. He quickly leans down and crushes my lips to his; I give a little muffled cry of outrage which he takes as a cue to push his tongue delicately between my teeth and into my mouth. I raise my hands to push at his chest but he is immovable and I’m helpless as he plunders my mouth taking his time to run his tongue along mine and drawing back he takes my bottom lip between his teeth and sucks gently licking along the line of my lip with his tongue before drawing back and looking at me with a triumphant smile.

“Just a taster my little harlot” He whispers “A preview of times to come, now come, I’ve badgered you enough, you wish to know of your beloved. Ask all you need, I will answer true.”

True to his word he rises off me and lets his body fall languidly back onto the bed, I can’t help but notice he’s still at ‘full attention.’

I tear my eyes off him and try to hold back tears. Gremory has scared me and I’m normally a tough little cookie. Otherkin are renowned for fighting amongst themselves, I have been challenged a few times and have always known to take care of myself. But against a Duke of the Second Realm I was helpless and my certainty of my plan had made me foolish.

“Sammael is free soon.” I tell him, sitting up and scooting to the edge of the bed and swinging my legs over. I refuse to pull my dress down and straighten myself; I won’t give him that satisfaction.

Gremory leans over the side of the bed and snags a packet of menthol cigarettes from the bedside table. He takes one and casually tosses the packet back onto the table.

“Yes he is.” He replies blankly lighting the cigarette in his mouth.

“Have you been to where he is? Do you know where he will come into the Realm?” My heart kicks up a rhythm and I feel the blood pumping through my veins, it’s almost deafening.

Gremory smiles at me, blowing cloying smoke in my face.  “I do, I have spoken to him, he speaks in great length about you my love, he hopes you will rejoin him and walk the earth with him amongst other things.”

His eyes narrow with his last remark and his smile kicks up a notch, I grit my teeth and try not to lose my temper not wanting him to kiss me again...or other stuff.

Sensing that I was at the end of my tether Gremory sigh’s another blast of smoke and looks at me with irritation.

“I can see your patience wearing thin my love so I will stop the charade. He is on the mortal Isle of White, that is where he will pass into this Realm and he will pass in a day’s time. Tomorrow evening, suitably at six in the evening.

I set my tongue on my lips and run it across my lower lip once tasting the truth of his word. His eyes follow the path my tongue takes and as I pull it back into my mouth he glances up at me and his eyes darken.

“Go now, you waste what time I could be spending amongst those girls...willing to give themselves body and soul to me.” He sneers and then waves an impatient hand toward the door.

My blood runs cold, he was forcibly binding prostitutes, stealing their free will and their souls and they know not what they do, thinking him a normal mortal man.

I say nothing, merely stand up from the bed a brush myself down before walking toward the door, I open it with shaking hands and am about to close it when Gremory calls:

“Lilith, remember! You’ll be bound to me in time!”

I shudder and slam the door.

The End

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