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I push myself off the large mahogany four poster bed and don’t bother to turn back and fix the sheets; I’m in a hurry to be ready.

I walk to the closet and pull clothes out idly; looking for something at least a little bit appropriate for the meeting I would be having today.

I pull a very short and very flashy black dress from my wardrobe and lay it across my dresser stool. A quick shower and some make up slapped on and I would be ready. You’re probably wondering why I am slapping on makeup and trussing myself up at eight in the morning?

Gremory won’t see me if I look anything but dazzling.

Gremory is a proud Demon, he was never in the fall, he was there lurking in the shadows as the war raged and only when a hierarchy was set up in the Lower Realms did he slither from his hiding spot and pledge allegiance to the Dark One. He rose quickly through the ranks, cutting and back stabbing a bloody path until he assumed the position of Duke and ruled a battalion of 26 legions.  133,120 demons at his slippery command and his high status allowed him to come and go from the Fifth Realm as often as he pleased and this did please him very much. He is cold, sadistic and one of the cruellest Demon’s I have had the displeasure of meeting, but he has big flaws. His weakness for women of any ilk is known to loosen his tongue and he is known to be a raging sex addict which strikes me as odd that most demonologists claim he has the countenance of a woman.

I dry my hair quickly smothering it in some L’oreal gloop which claims it will keep it looking full before painting my eyes until they look large and bewitching and my lips sparkle with a bronze lipstick. The dress is slipped over my head and I admire it in the mirror. It clings to my hips and accentuates my curves. My high heeled Jimmy Choo’s are slipped on my feet and I pause long enough to pick up my handbag and lock my door behind me.

The castle is silent and chilly and I pass by yawning tourists who have risen early to look in the dungeons and torture chambers.

Walking out into the courtyard I frown at the grey clouds and damp air and once more silently curse myself for my choice of location, I must admit the gothic castle with its rambling grounds and remoteness made it seem a good choice, but then again that was in the summer time.

I don’t see Sandoz lurking in the courtyard anywhere so I take a quick glance around to make sure no curious eyes watch me. There is a reason most Otherkin don’t own a car.

Gathering a shimmering aura of power is easy, as the years pass I grow stronger. My aura buzzes around me and I use it to open an invisible door, the air grows thin and buzzes with charge and I slip through it with a small sonic pop and the doors seal behind me.

I’m in the fourth realm, it is noisy as always, clogged up with the wretched souls of those who have died with blood on their hands, this is a place of murderers and thieves, child killers and unrepentant rapists. In other words it isn’t somewhere you want to be. The air is thick with the smell of deception, lies, blood and misery and I hold my breath to it lest my stomach churn.

It is quicker to move through the Fourth Realm. All Realms lay over the Fifth Realm, which is Earth. The Realms fit over it like a glove and mirror it almost completely. If I pop into a Realm from the Fifth Realm and then shimmer straight back I will be in the exact same spot, but if I were shimmer into a different spot and walk twenty yards, by the time I shimmered back I would be twenty yards away from my original spot. I’m sure you understand.

It is easier for me to travel in the Fourth Realm and I can move to any corner of England in very little time, minutes. If I wanted to go across seas it would most likely take me a few hours.

As I move through the crowds souls begin to take notice of me, they know from the look of me that I am Other and it frightens some of them, others begin crying out, grey limbs reach out to grab me but shift through as though I were air. They beg and plead for respite, for another chance, most of them are not ready to die, but I ignore them and pushing past a haggard and grey looking woman who is holding the still body of a small child and make my way quickly.

I glide across the landscape which is mostly rock and the air becomes mustier and more hot as I speed up letting the dirty wind flow through my hair and hoping that the smell does not stay with me, this perfume was expensive. When I know I am in the correct spot I create a hole in the Fifth, I spy through and find myself in an abandoned house, taking a breath I push through and almost stumble into the dusty house taking care to shut the portal behind me, it wouldn’t do to have a ne’er do well follow me through.

I walk out of the front door and find myself on a high street in Soho, London. I watch a few miserable mortals walk down the street and the motor vehicles chug past noisily. I give myself a second of composure before stepping out into the street and making my way north past some closed restaurants and a few clothes shops. I turn left down an alley and avoid puddles as I walk briskly through, I walk past a few men who pause to wolf whistle and jeer at me but I ignore them as I head further into the dingy alley. I glance at my watch and its 8:35am and I know the place opens early and closes for only four hours later on.

I sigh as a few more men call out disgusting remarks and I pull my dress further down not wanting a confrontation with any of them, I know they’d lose and they might not like that. I’ve never had to kill a mortal, its taboo for Middle Realmers like me.

At last I see the house perched at the end of the alley like a sore. Above the large double doors is a sign that flashes and blinks “Lady Velia’s” and I stifle a groan as I stride up past the large bay windows and pound impatiently at the door. I see the glamour of the place shimmer as I do so and marvel at the power needed to keep it stable. It can’t be seen by those who wish it harm much like a chameleon.

There are footsteps inside and the door is snapped open. Velia stands looking like a vision from Egypt. Bronzed skin and heavy makeup with thick kohl around her eyes, her mouth twists as she looks down at me and the beautiful pink painted pouted lips look all of a sudden vicious and cruel.

“Lilith” She states in a voice like liquid, it pours through me and tugs at forbidden spots deep down in my stomach. I brace myself and smile seductively at her as she tilts her head to take in my dress, breasts and face in one devastating pass of her eyes.

“You have changed your mind perhaps? You wish to join in the pleasures we hold here and make yourself useful?”

I mentally shake myself and look her full in the face, tearing my eyes away from long slender arms and a lithe well toned body with large breasts and shapely legs.

I have no desires for women but that would only matter if Velia were a woman at all. She is a Succubus of the Third Realm and she exudes an influence over everybody as her kind do, desire blooms like a flower inside you and if you were to spend an extended amount of time in her presence you would begin to start wondering what those legs would look like wrapped around you and what her kiss must be like.

“No Velia, I’ve come looking for Gremory, I know he is here and...” Here I lower my voice huskily “I really need to speak to him!” I end on a pout and then a lusty smile and let my eyes flicker longingly behind her.

Velia smiles and puts all of her very straight teeth behind it, I concentrate on looking through right eye and see her true form, reptilian in a way with a humanoid appearance and black eyes, I shudder a little but remind myself to see her true self often, it breaks her influence upon me.

“I know why your here Lilith, no need to lie to me. You need information and Gremory has it, I shan’t stand in the way of you asking, he’s in room 7, kick my girl out when you get in there, I’ll not have her hearing about Otherkin, I’ve lost four to it already!”

She stands aside and allows me to pass her, as I do I look her full in the face and she leans into me leaning her slender body against mine and giving me a sexual stare, I stare back.

“Let it be known Velia, I uttered no lies to you”

Velia tilts her head giving my lips her stare. “No you uttered no lie Cherie, but your way of speaking wasn’t entirely truthful” She pauses and looks up the hall. “Room 7”

She pushes herself off me to lean against the door frame and I walk past letting my eyes slide from her and I immediately feel better as I make my way up the large double stairways and into an opulent red silk hallway hung with Chinese lanterns and pictures were hung depicting Karma Sutra poses all along the hall. I keep my eyes straight ahead counting doors as I pass. Door 7 is advertised as such by a large gold seven on its frame. I take a deep breath before turning the knob and letting myself in, it wouldn’t do to give him a ‘heads up’ so to speak.

The End

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