Chapter Three

It’s been one hour.

I’m sat in my bedroom at my dresser staring at myself. To look at me, with your own naked eye, I am comely, dark brown tresses, wavy and sometimes unruly. My face is cat-like, large almond shaped eyes, jade green, high cheek boned, lips full and well proportioned to my petite nose and skin the colour of warm honey. Attractively built, a bit curvy but not too round or fat, great ass and tits, but then I was made to please a man.  I’m tall too 5’10 which I think is lovely for a 21st century woman, I look around twenty years old and rarely get served in pubs, therefore I don’t drink and have looked this way for thousands of years. I paint a picture of beauty don’t I? Yet there is a downside.

The mirror shows me for what I really am, as it does for everyone, the mirror cares not for glamour or magic, the mirror shows your true self if you care to look for it and my true self is not pretty.

My hair if you can call it that is straggly, grey and barely clutched to my skull, skin peels revealing bone, no flesh or meat beneath it, it clings to bones and the jagged  angles poke through like paper, hollowed, lips shrivelled  like cold dead slugs, to smile would show black pointed  teeth. I raise one shrivelled and bony hand and touch the wrinkled furrows creased into the greyish green skin.  My fingers contradict my sight, supple skin, smooth as a peach. My eyes look toward the reflection, my reflection looks back eyeless, and a dark abyss lies where my two eyes should be, boring into me. I squeeze my one eye shut and look with my right one and there I am beautiful, brown tresses, full lips, and great tits. Ah, Small pleasures. It helps having one eye that see’s glamour and one eye that sees beneath.

“Still vain I see” a cool sinewy voice. I glance up into the mirror, he’s there to the right of me, the kind of man you’d sell your mother to hold, that’s if he was a man and if I had a mother. Blonde Adonis, his hair reaches just below his shoulders, black eyes set in proportion to a roman nose and a large manly chiselled jaw, standing approximately six feet and four inches he was solidly set, muscled, his armour strapped tight to what I’m sure must be a muscled torso, by the way not all angelical beings look like this, most look like librarians, this one is a mouth watering exception. His grey speckled wings brushed my ceiling spread out and up, each primary feather gleaming. I smile lustily.

“And after all this millennia you still want me” I spin on the dresser stool and look up at the angel “Isn’t that right Sanvii?”

Sanvii bristles lowering his wings and folding them neatly at his back.

“What Lilith” he flashes me a sneer of disgust “Would make you think I’d lust as low as you?”

I smile and stand moving until my mouth is almost pushed against his chin, my hands steady my body on his broad chest.

“All those times you could have cast me into Sheol or the lower realms Sanvii? Or in the beginning when you didn’t drag me back to Eden. You wanted something?”

Sanvii lowers his cold gaze to me and I see anger stirring within them. “Maybe I thought there would be some good in you” He tells me in clipped tones.

I laugh standing back to let the full effect of the callous sound ring around the apartment. “Or maybe you wanted to see how much of your good you could put in me?” I chirrup before dancing back to sit prettily on the dresser stool, I cross my legs, quite the dignified lady. I look up at him smiling; Sanvii of course, is not.

“What is this all about Lilith?” he growls, mouth set in a thin line, eyes blazing in anger, talk about the patience of Angels! Or is that saints?

I let my own anger show on my face, feel it warming in my chest, I let him see the hurt and confusion lying in my eyes.

“You said he was dead” I say quietly. I see his eyes widen slightly and realise I have caught him by surprise, not an easy feat.


Mocking innocence! He mocked! I stand up abruptly and shove him hard on the chest, he stumbles back still in shock.

You took him and you said he was dead!” I scream at him and I hear that scream bounce back at me like a hawks cry.

Sanvii continues to stare at me and I notice a slight trembling around his mouth.

“The only being I’d ever submit to, serve and love! You told me he was dead!” Pain like a lance and each one lands a blow to my heart.

“He is” Sanvii replies and I smell the lie and he sees that I smell the lie. His eyes dart from my own.

“For once in your pitiful existence Sanvii speak as Angels do, tell me the truth”

Sanvii sighs; his wings twitch and tremble as he lets his eyes fall back upon me.

“And what would you have me tell you Lilith? That you were binding yourself to a being whose very soul is as black as Sheol? To someone who would step over your body to join his true master?”

I growl and shove him again “And whose choice was that to make you prised up pigeon?” I’m crying now, unashamedly angry. “Was it mine? My life? I was cast out of one Eden and you cast me from another!”

Sanvii reddens and rushes toward me and I admit I am startled and fall back down onto the dresser stool, bashing my leg on the dresser and the mirror behind me shudders, he keeps advancing and places his hands on each side of my face forcing me to look at him.

“I saved you from the depths!” his hands are gentle “I saved you from him whether you believe it or not, to have submitted to his will and bound yourself would have condemned you to the same Hell as he, you were first, made equal to man, in His image! I could not let that happen, I see good in you Lilith!” He shakes his head slowly and gives me a loving look which softens my anger for a moment.

“Lilith, I have done many things in this existence, I have seen the dawn of time and avenged the Higher Realms with blood. In all my time I could not see something bad happen to you and if it were better for you that you thought Sammael dead then I could rest at ease!”

I sigh and gently push his hands away looking up at him with tears in my eyes. I stand so we are inches apart and I can feel his warm breath on my face, his face is changed to me, no longer cold and empty but I can see past it and see the warmth he has for me, no matter how much he denies it. He slowly raises his hand and brushes tears from my face, with a gentleness I had only seen in him once before and I’ve known him almost all of my existence.

“I know when he is released you will seek him out and I can only ask one thing of you” He pauses running an ethereally warm hand across my face and I can’t help but lean into it, what’s wrong with me?

“Don’t go into this with the same naivety you did before! Think your actions through; do not trust him and stay free, can you do this one thing for me? You who defy everything I ask of you?”

I look up at him, lost and I know I’ll do as he asks; I nod and let the truth show in my eyes. He smiles faintly and quickly brings his lips to mine. I’m lost again as I feel his tongue lick quickly across my lips and ignite a lost need in me, he’s gentle and strong and I lean on him helplessly and kiss him back letting his tongue enter my mouth as tears stream down my face. A gentle brush of power and I open my eyes knowing he had shimmered away, my heart ached.


The End

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