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The car swerved in, and I could hear the window open up. A black speaker faced him, beside a large menu of red, yellow and white. The food looked highly uninviting as did the strong smell of leftover animal guts coming from all the way from indoors. 

"Hi, welcome, what would you like to order?" A woman's muffled voice sounded through the speaker. 

"Uh, one McSpicy Chicken meal with coke and... What do you want to have, babe?" He asked me, shamelessly. 

"Whatever. Chicken nuggets and coke," I answered. The coke, as far as I knew, was just mountains of sugar. It would act as a diluter for the taste of the conglomerate of chicken insides. 

"And six piece chicken nuggets and coke with sweet and sour sauce, please. No super size, thank you." I ought to have thanked him for his removing my burden of having to choose a sauce for my dinner. 

"Is that all, sir?" 


"That'll be $11.95. Please pick up and pay at the front. Thank you!"

The car drove slowly further up, the open window permitting the hurried sound of the same lady's voice attending to what was probably her hundredth customer of the past hour. One would think that even after all those documentaries and lifestyle channel shows on eating healthy would reduce the number of Americans showing up at McDonald's. 

"Six piece chicken nuggets, McSpicy burger meal, and two cokes - is that right, sir?"

The girl looked up at us after reading through the order receipt. The high cheek bones, the huge hoops and the frizzy tied up red hair looked very familiar. The tag pinned to her black apron read Denise, with a bright yellow 'M' next to it. 

"Oh, uh, hi," I greeted awkwardly. 

Denise frowned, either out of surprise or offense that I acknowledged her. "Hello... Is that the right order?" She asked indifferently. 

"Yeah, thanks," I said as Scott accepted the brown paper bags. The repulsive smell dispersed throughout the car in an instant. He looked inside the bag for a final check, and turned his head towards Denise. 

"Hey, do you think we could get some more ketchup?" He requested. Denise gave a skeptical smile, obviously offended and reached into a drawer behind the counter. 

"As much as you want." She handed Scott four more packets which he accepted with a nod and courteous smile. 

"We really didn't need that..." I murmured, as Scott handed the paper bags for me to hold while he drove off. 

Ketchup?! I sighed in disbelief at Scott's insensitivity. His fingers were tracing the structure of my knee, the car having stopped at a red light. I was tempted to open one of those packets of ketchup and squirt it all over his "fohawk".

We were heading to one of the few places that played drive-in movies every Friday night. It was mostly a place for teenagers to gather and lose their virginity in the backseat of the car, rather than watch the cheesy romantic comedy on screen. I was determined not to lose it that way, and definitely not with Scott. 

"It's cold," I said, as I crossed my legs and faked a shiver. 

"Well, you are wearing shorts Ree." 

The End

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