Life As We Know It

Chapter 2
Life As We Know It

The first thing I saw was explosions of different colours. I could see everything that I coudln't see before. But for the first time in my life, I didn't want to.

The tears that fell around my face were wet, sloppy, and cold. I'd seen my owner-Dee-cry before, but actually crying made me feel sick to the stomach.

I put my hands to my face. They were no longer fluffy, strong and small, but long, strange and smooth. I tried to whimper, but a strange, human like noise came instead.

I felt my rows of teeth with my hand. They were no longer sharp, dangerous and unique, but blunt, small and harmless.

Luckily, my tounge stayed the same.

However, that was before I tried to walk.
I stretched out my long, smooth, feminine legs, and gasped in horror. They had no fur! I stretched my legs up and saw my feet. They were small, as usual.

But they had some sort of black things on them. Had Dee called them shoes?
Then, I put a hand towards my flank. It wasn't furry, but nor was it bare. It had some sort of black human fur on it, that stretched from my shoulders down to my thighs, where it spread out a little. It was being held on to my shoulders by straps, which joined to the rest of it just above my chest.

Then, I stretched a wary hand to my hair. "Ohhhh.." I sighed, once again sounding awfully human. It was thin, wiry, and fell around my face, ending just above the end of my neck. I gulped.

I didn't want to feel my eyes. I tried to get up, slowly, but heard a familar growl behind me, and span around.

It was Flamez. He lived with me and my owner, along with another dog. He had that familar brave, proud look, and was barking loudly at two men who were trying to grab him.

But I couldn't understand what he was saying.

His barking made no sense. I wanted to scream out to him, as I knew who could understand some human words. I took a breath.

"F-f-f-f-arrff!" I struggled. N-no! I can't speak! I thought.
Flamez look at me, his expression unreadable, his barking stopping. He reconigsed me.

"Oi! You! Get back in your cell! We ain't ready for ya' quite yet!" The man to his left said in a cockney accent. Flamez growled, biting into the mans right arm. He said a word that should never be repeated, and collapsed to the floor, cradling his right arm as the blood poured out.

"K-Kane? You alright mate?" Said the other with a Australian accent, dodging Flamez as he jumped towards his throat.

"DO I LOOK OKAY?" The other man-Kane-shouted. "GET THAT DOG DANNY! NOW!"

Danny nodded, grabbing Flamez from behind and squishing his tummy so that he made painful gasping noises.

I tried to get up again, but I simply tripped over, landing face first, and making blood come out of my nose. "O-ow..." I mumbled.

I looked up to see Flamez looking back at me, his ice blue eyes sad and wary. And just like that, they carried him away.

"N-no!" I shouted. I could talk! But they just laughed at me. An evil, wicked laugh, and left the room.

I was alone.

But I didn't want to be alone. I looked around, and saw my reflection in a mirror. I gasped.

My short, choppy black hair was pulled behind my ears, and the blood that trickled down my nose had spread to my lip. My cheeks were blotchy from crying. I heard a man enter the room. I saw him in the mirror before he spoke.

"Ahem. You are Dot, yes?" He asked, in a bland, bored voice. He was a tall man, with short brunette hair, hazel eyes, and geeky glasses that filled his face. He was wearing a doctors uniform, and holding a clipboard.

I nodded.

"Good. A EX-Shiba Inu?" He asked again.

I shook my head.  "I-I am d-dog." I mumbled.

"No. You were a dog. Now, you are a human."

I gasped, my hands moving to my face in horror.

"We needed this. Its the experiment that will finally prove that us scienists who research humanity should get more credit." He smirked after saying this. "Take her to the eating area. Treat her as a guest, men." He said to the men standing by his side.

And then he left, shutting a small grey door behind him.

The End

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