Other Side Of The Bone

Flamez is a legend husky among his neighbourhood. He is the so far unbeatable champion of Agility Trials. He is still young, powerfull, loyal, and has a iron will. But his days as a dog are changing.
With his friends Dot and Giddy, they must find the key to humanity...

Other Side Of The Bone
Chapter 1 - The Key To Humanity

I smelt it before I saw it. The big room with the doors really DID have something inside it. And when I knew what it was, I went crazy. It was a giant humanity machine. That could turn animals into humans.

The room was barren. By barren, I mean totally empty. All it took was one step inside and bam, the door was shut.

Damn. I cursed to myself. Those damned guards shut me in. Should've known they weren't letting me see Dee...

I looked around the room, scanning everything. It was just grey and white. Thats all us dogs can see. We see no colour. So, it was rather bland.

I sniffed the air. Big mistake.


For the record, I don't like that smell one bit.

I sat down in the furthest corner of the room, settling down and sighing to myself.

How did we get here? One second, me, my owner, and her other two dogs were walking down the lane peacefully. Next second, we've been snatched up, seperated, and stuck in these lame rooms. Annoying. And the championship of the Agility Trials were today aswell. It would've been my 7th time winning the crown. I'm a smart dog, even if I do say so myself. I know enough tricks to last a life time, and i'm strong, fast, and reliable. Oh wait, isn't the word loyal a better word to use?

Suddenly, I felt the ground shake around me. I looked up. The light attatched to the cieling was shaking.
CRAP! Whats going on!? I barked. No answer. Not that I was expecting one.

Then it came. A giant "Bweeeeeeem" and a massive flash of light. I could see it from the tiny window on the door.
And then there was the scream. Something was screaming. It was a dogs scream. But something wasn't right.

 Its like the scream was becoming a human scream. Like the creatures bones were bending....
I had to escape. Had to find that poor creature. I could see the tiny window on my door was my only way out.

But..its so tiny! I thought. There was only one option. I ran to the back of the room, gritting my teeth and spinning around. With a huge bark, I charged foward and burst through the window of the door, a mixture of my blood and glass spreading on both the outside coridoor and my room.

 I spread out my front paws and turned my head to the side to try and soften my collison with the wall. Crap! This hurts like hell! I barked. Then it hit me. I was free.

But, I could still here the scream. But that scream had turned into painful tears

. I looked around, just to see that the coridoor was completely empty. I pricked my ears towards the sound of the tears. It was to the right of the coridoor, where I could make out a huge door, which seemed to cover all of the wall of that end of the coridoor. It smelt wooden.

I gave my flank a quick lick before charging towards the door, my paws batting the floor loudly. I jumped, slamming into the door with all the force I had. Seventh time Agility Trail champion power.

I felt the doors crash under my weight, and I hit the floor on the other side with a heavy thump. Ouch... I whimpered.

Then, I looked up. What I saw horrified me. It was a enourmous, evil looking machine, and it was spilling a yellow beam of light towards something on the middle of the floor, which appeared to be crying.

 The noise was terrifying. It was a hundred times worse than the noise from earlier. It was ear piercing, and I flattened my ears to my head to try and block it out. And then, as if by magic, it stopped, leaving only a tricle of yellow beam on the middle of the floor. I could clearly see what was there now.

A human sat there. Looking deppressed, and was crying. But I reconigsed her, and the last time I saw her, she was DEFINETLY NOT a human....   

The End

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