Enlist Danielle's help

You have to scramble and in order to diffuse the situation with Danielle, enlist her help. She's flattered, especially by what you're willing to pay and she immediately calls her associates and sous-chefs and they appear with an opulent and indeed divine spread.

But what about the original caterer? They are T.O'd, to say the least. Now you have to pay a penalty since the contract doesn't allow outside suppliers.

You call your loan shark, Melissa, and she makes your problem disappear.

So you think.

You forgot how the party would end and people are still showing up at 5 a.m. The belly dancers have collapsed, but the band is now sober and reclaim the stage.

Several weeks pass and you still are unable to A) leave the party, and B) end the party.

Melissa comes back to collect on your debt. You cannot afford to pay.

What do you do?

The End

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