Get the support staff to take away all the centrepieces, telling guests that it makes room for more food/liquor

So the centrepieces are gone and the guests who were playing with it and looking forward to stealing it are upset.

You promised food and booze. How do you get it? Where does it come from?

You'll have to talk to the caterers and that's another hefty cost on top of everything you've had to cover already.You agree to it and extra food is prepared. You are so relieved that the caterers can do this that you forgot to review the menu. The food turns out to be tuna melts.

Danielle's not happy with the centrepieces being replaced with pathetic sandwiches and she takes them and throws them on the ground. Guests demand better and more appropriate food. Danielle is righteously offended as she is a world-renowned chef.


The End

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