Good News and Bad News.

Good News: Irme and guests are happy to have these ridiculously good looking people partying with them. Irme also has a crush on (no surprise) the bassist.

Bad News: As the band members are all emo waifs, they are serious lightweights and cannot hold their liquor. They get tanked immediately and are no longer able to play.You should have considered limiting their alcohol consumption by not allowing them to partake in the rum-fueled drinking games.

Good News: Aaron's belly dancer guests have stepped up to replace the band. Luckily, you were prepared and have extra pirate costumes. Don't forget to compensate them, working in Aaron's harem isn't easy.

Bad News: Your contract with the band forces you to pay for their entire performance even if they couldn't finish. You have to pay the full payment to the band and compensation for the belly dancers. 

You're looking for an aspirin, when you bump into the photographer who you've noticed has been taking a lot of the same photos of the same people.

Do you confront him?

The End

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