Stui's house!

 Sean pushed hard on the nose of his broom and started to descend on the huge georgian manor house which lay gracefully on the hills. As his feet made contact to the ground he walked toward the front door of the house. He knocked whilst resting his broom against the ivy covered  porch. Thump. His Dad, William, had just landed and started walking over to Sean.

"Took your time!"

"Where's Stuart?" William said whilst brushing off his robe.

The door opened suddenly with Stui at the door.

"Hello, come in." He exclaimed over William's loud voice.

Sean and William walked through the house into the kitchen where they where pleasently greeted by Stu's mother.

"Hello dears. How are you? Hungry? I'm just knocking up some spaghetti. Would you like some?"

"Same every time init!...We're goin' soon mum."

"I'd love to, I still remanisce of that beautiful lamb chop with wine sauce!" 


In the end everyone sat down to this meal. As the sun began to set Stu, William and Sean stood up thanked Stu's mum for the food and left.

"See you at christmas dad." Sean said as him and Stu split from his father.

It was almost dark by the time Sean and Stu had gotten to Otgolds and as they landed they saw the headmaster come out to speak to the first years.

"Hello and welcome to Otgolds Specialty School of Charms. I am William Ofalwitt and I'm sure this year is to be as exciting and wonderful as all my other fourty years of being headmaster here. I hope you all find your rooms to be in good order, Your trunks have just arrived and they are all unpacked. Please goup to your rooms and prepare for a term of learning. If there is any problems, any at all, feel free to speak to your head of hous or year. Enjoy the year and  learn. You ate all so lucky to be fresh and excited; it's true what they say about old dogs and new tricks. But anyway good night."

Sean and Stu budged past them and began climbing the stairs into the castle.

The End

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