The Day!

Sean was woke by Gordon the next morning. He stood up, stretched his arms and began walking downstairs.

Whilst walking downstairs he noticed that something seemed strange but he told himself he was just worried about Otgolds. His mother and father were sat at the table reading the news papers and drinking a glass of pumpkin juice. Completely normal.

"Good morning."  His mother and father said at the same time as though they had been rehearsing.

"Morning" Sean replied whilst pouring pumpkin puffs into his bowl.

"So are you looking forward to school." Carora said in a suprisingly excited voice.

"Yeh, can't wait to see Stuart again." Sean didn't realise that he still had a mouth full of pumpkin puffs but his mothers face soon told him.

"How you gettin' there?"

"Broom, dad, I was hoping but its a long way." sean replied after finishing his bowl of pumpking puffs and starting to walk over to the sink.

"You want me to fly with you?"

"Ummm. O.K."

"Go upstairs and finish packing then boy." Sean pompous father said whilst standing up and brushing crumbs from his lap.

Sean trundled back upstairs, with Gordon (the family gnome) following close behind him, for what he hoped would be the last time today. After about half an hour he walked back down the golden staircase holding a beautiful broom which was a polished dark oak with perfectly pruned tail twigs which were held on by three golden bands (the middle one being the thickest). After that an old brown trunk floated down the stairs followed closely by a cage which had a lovely neon green gecko inside.

"Better get your ancient broom dad!" Sean shouted to his father who was sat in the living room with a grin on his face.

"Already got it." Sean's father muttered holding up an old tattered broom which had a matte handle and tail twigs which were pointing in every direction possible. "Ready to go?"

"Yes dad lets get Stu!"

"Ah ah, we need to put our cloaks on so that the norms don't see us."

They out on there cloak which immedietly hid them from human eyes but other wizard could still see them.

And they walked on to the back garden lawn, mounted there brooms and shot off into the blinding sun of which was going to be a lovely day.

The End

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