Otgolds specialty school of charms

Sean is an eleven year old boy preparing to enroll in Otgolds specialty school of charms and waiting for any adventures that may occur.

  A few years ago a young boy named Sean Urthadar  was born. He had dark brown hair that swept down over his eyes and a muscular stance. This boy was extremly lucky becuase his father was head of Wizard and human relations at the parliament of powers used by wizards.

      He stood in the living room one sunday evening infront of his pompous father,  William Urthadar, showing of his new uniform for the Otgold specialty school of charms.

"That's my boy, standing proud." William said extremly loudly as though boasting to someone who wasn't there.

His mother Carora appeared in the corner with a puff of smoke,

"Aww, my boy is growing into a man. Are you looking forward to Otgold?" Carora had an extremely high and exciting  voice although she looked rather dull and boring. She pulled a long box from a pocket in her robe and said whilst her eyes were welling up, "Now your eleven me and your father think we should give you this."

Sean retreived the silk emerald box and inspected it carefully. He opened the box and his face lit up because inside was his one and only dream and now he was going to own it. He pulled what was in the box out quickly and stared at it.

"A... A.... A wand. I can't beleive it thank you so much."

The wand which layed in his hand was vibrating he looked at it and couldn't beleive it.

"Willow, eleven and a half inches and its got a pheonix feather inside."  William whispered. "Don't tell your mother about the phoenix feather though will you."

Sean smiled at his dad, who winked back also smiling.

"Off to bed then sean, you start Otgolds tomorrow." Carora said smiling with her huge teeth.

Sean walked up their staircase which had a real gnome at the bottom dressed as a butler.

"Good night sir." said the gnome

"Good night Gordon." said Sean

The End

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