No Future

 His mother went by the name of Angela, and had lived through more hardships than most. When she was eight months pregnant with her son, Baltius Heston disappeared. Many said he had gone out into one of the many blizzards common on that stone cold mountain plane to find food for his growing family. But whatever the case, Jared never got to see his father.

Angela became hysteric. Sometimes hallucinating that her husband was with her in the room. When her insanity became apparent, Angela's grandfather cared for her to her last breath. Four days after childbirth. Emeel Vosh buried his daughter with old hands, and swore upon that grave he would take care of the child.

Emeel left that cold mountain village, and started a journey towards Keladriel, city of water.

His grandfather named him Jared, and so started the legacy. The child who would bring the world to it's knees, and lift it back up to everlasting prosperity.

The End

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