Origins of The Three, Alniox

No one can really tell when the young Jared became the fabled hero of legend known as Alniox. It was often said that Jared fell into a rift between space and time, and was given gifts from the heavens themselves. Gifts that only added to the power he already possesed. Others say he confronted another Manipulator of great power, and was told secrets of knowledge. None but a select few know the truth however, including Alniox himself.

The world was ending. The sun was falling behind the far hills to the west of the valley. And darkness started to fall over the land as though it were a warm and comforting blanket. The animals started to quite down for the end of the world, and it truly seemed as though life itself had ended. But this was not so. Of the many farmhouses and inns that had followed the ending of the worlds fall into silence, one stood aloof. Light and noise spilled from the little inn's windows, incapable of understanding the rest of the world had stopped. It seemed as though an act of defiance, to remain while everything else did not. But do not misjudge those who kept  the night alive, their reasons were just. At the bar of the inn sat four men, tired from a hard days work in the field but not ready to stray back to their homes. Not when the excitement of worlds kept them alive. Not their own world of course, which were uninteresting and filled with work, but the worlds of heroes and demons, of monsters and saviours. These were stories of course. Stories created for the entertainment of the people. Stories.....of truth.

"And just like that, Drefflin dissapeared into the unknown, never seen again. However, this was not until he had killed his traitorous cousin. Fulfilling the oath of vengeance he had sworn over his wifes corpse."

 Small polite applause met Cofir's story. Cofir acknowledged these and stood to accept. He then sat down, took a hefty swallow from his drink, and said to his fellows, " So who's next? I'm getting tired of telling the same old tale over and over again. What of you Dayrne? Heard any tales of late?"

Dayrne shook his head into his cup.

Cofir turned to Old Sam, a friendly old traveler that had come from a neighboring town.

"And you Sam?" Asked Cofir.

" Nothing I haven't heard you tell twice." Said Old Sam.

Cofir sighed and took a drink from his mug. He turned to the stranger of the night. The man had not been part of the original friendly trio but he had been polite enough in praising Cofir's stories. Cofir resigned himself. It was either listen to something from some bandy travelers tale no doubt, or go home to an angry wife. Cofir sighed and merely said "You stranger?"

There was a small pause from the man. The hood on his traveling cloak down, none of the other men saw the small start that came to this question. He coughed, and took a sip of his water. "I may know of one."

All the others turned to the stranger, waiting.

The man sighed in a resigned fashion, and set down his cup. "There's not enough night to tell the whole story, but a piece will have to do. Have any of you heard of the Manipulator Jared Heston?"

The others shook their heads.

"Well then this will be new. I'll have to explain a few things but in the end I think that you will all be satisfied. Wherever he walked, Jared Heston left only one thing. Can any of you guess what that one thing was?"

The men shook their heads.

"Death, my friends. Death"

The End

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