As I stand there contemplating my situation, I feel the first cool drops of rain land on my forehead. For the first time, I realize what I am wearing -- a long, lacey white gown with matching heels. One of the heels, I notice, is missing. I am covered in dirt from head to toe, a complete disaster.

The rain is a welcome distraction. I tilt my chin up to receive it, amazed at how beautiful the rain looks in this half-light, all silvery and glistening.

Was my eyesight always this good? I can't remember anything about the time before, only an impenetrable darkness that my memory can't seem to touch.

It is while I am standing there, letting the rain wash away the dirt and debris from my body, that I receive my first vision.

It consumes me totally, blocking out everything else. 

I can see a slight girl with short black hair darting down a dark alley. She is wearing pants with the cuffs rolled up. She's also wearing a white button-down shirt that is about five sizes too large for her, and it trails after her running form. She is barefoot.

She runs with a single-minded purpose, her arms swinging up and down like pistons. Is someone chasing her?

The vision expands, stretches to encompass her surroundings. I can see now that there is a man running a short distance away from her, constantly looking over his shoulder. I can see the whites of his eyes, the fear in his eyes, alive. No, she's chasing him, I realize.

As I watch, the man suddenly falls to his knees and the girl falls upon him, cradling his head in her hands like a lover. She moves in swiftly as if to kiss his neck, and the vision begins to blur, turn wavy in my mind's eye, so that I can no longer see it that clearly.

Before the vision fades, I see the girl lift her head and the man fall limp to the ground. The girl's eyes are ringed in scarlet and there is a trickle of blood running down her chin. But that's not what shocks me the most about this vision -- what shocks me is that she has my face. She is me.

The End

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