My eyes were blinded by the white lights that wouldn’t go away, and the only thing that registered in my mind was the unbelievable pain.  I took a deep breath in and tried to make sense of my surroundings. My blurry vision cleared and I was staring at the hospital gown which covered my stretched stomach, and I realised where I was. Suddenly aware that both of my hands were being held, I looked to my right and saw Kayleigh standing beside me, looking a little green. I turned to my left, where Elijah stood. He held my hand tightly and was looking at me. His lips moved, but I couldn’t work out the words. The buzzing in my ears cleared when he repeated himself, and with his voice came the busy noise of the room.

  “It’s okay, Abrielle. Take deep breaths; I’m right here, my love.” He said to me. I tried to smile, but a new wave of pain tore through me and I cried out. He squeezed my hand a little tighter, which brought me back to him. “Be strong. You can do this.” He said, and this time when the pain came I bit my lip and concentrated on his face. The midwife appeared.

  “Alright, Abrielle, next time you need to push. Your baby’s ready to be born!” She said, acting too happy and positive for my liking, but the word ‘baby’ made my heart flutter with excitement. I was going to have our baby; after 9 whole months of waiting and daring to dream, Elijah and I would have a child. I liked the sound of that.

  “Are you ready?” I asked him between clenched teeth. He smiled and it sent my heart fluttering again. He could still do that do me, even after all of this time.

  “Of course, my love.” He said, kissing me on the cheek. I nodded, and when they told me to push I focused on trying to squeeze Elijah’s hand so that it would hurt him (although I was failing) rather than thinking about the pain or the fact that there was a terrible chance that this could end badly.

  “Well done, Abrielle! Almost there! Elijah would you like to..?” The midwife motioned for him to stand next to her, but I pulled him towards me.

  “Don’t you dare!” I hissed and he tried to conceal his amusement. Each time the pain tore through me, I told myself that I only needed one more, and then we would have our baby. I whimpered a little, despite myself and Elijah swapped hands so that he could stroke my hair to comfort me.

  “One more...” He whispered into my ear, and that gave me the strength to face the pain and give one more push...

  Instantly everyone was moving in different directions. The Midwife moved away, and I instantly heard the cry of outrage from my child. I laughed, tears running down my cheeks. The seconds that it took for them to clean him and put our baby in a blanket were too long for me, but finally a tiny bundle was put in my arms.

  “A beautiful baby boy.” She told me. I looked at his tiny face, an almost copy of Elijah’s.

  “Hello, baby boy!” I whispered to my son. I looked at Elijah, who was staring at our child with wonder in his eyes. A rebel tear escaped when he blinked. “He looks like you.” I told him, and he looked at me with a huge smile on his face. Kayleigh left to tell the others to come in.

  “You’re there somewhere, my love.” He said to me, then kissed the top of my head. He put his arms around me and we both looked at the little person that we had created. “Can I hold him?” He asked. I laughed.

  “Of course you can!” I said. When Elijah had stood beside me, I carefully handed our baby over. The small bundle looked even tinier in his hands, and I felt my heart swell with pride and love.

  “Hello little one...” He whispered. He looked up at me. “What shall we call him?” He asked.

  “I was thinking ‘Erik’.” I said. He looked at him and nodded.

  “It suits him.” He said, then kissed his tiny forehead. Erik was silent in his father’s arms, looking at him in wonder. “Time to go back to mummy...” He told our son, and I reached for our little boy. Kayleigh entered with Damon, Elena and Stefan. My friends all crowded around us, cooing over the baby.

  “His name is Erik.” I told them. Damon hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. He then decided to rub my head, messing up my hair. I scowled at him, but it was too hard to pretend to be annoyed so laughed. Elena looked at Erik with longing and I could almost see the cogs whirring in her brain. She then gave me a huge hug. Stefan congratulated me and Elijah, who was glowing with pride and happiness but still stood with his unspoken authority. The nurse came to ask them to leave far too soon, but I was promised that they would all come back to see us tomorrow. I was left with Elijah and Erik, extremely happy but fatigued. Elijah sat in a chair beside my bed, and the last image I saw before I fell asleep was my husband cradling our son.


  We brought him home two days later, and although I thought that it was impossible, Erik made Elijah and I love each other even more. He was so considerate; when Erik stirred in the night, Elijah was always willing to let me sleep in. He was the perfect partner, in every way. I was ecstatic that we had a chance, which was thought to be impossible, to share this experience together.

  I leant against the door frame, watching Elijah rock Erik to sleep with a huge smile, which seemed to have become permanent, on my face. I didn’t know if I wanted to join Elijah and become a vampire later in life when I was nearer his physical age; I would cross that bridge when I came to it. What I did know was that parenthood had breathed new life into both of us, and I was content to leave things the way they were and that we would raise Erik together to the best of our abilities. I also knew that I would never stop loving my boys and that no matter what happened, I was so lucky to be able to have them. Elijah, my amazing and handsome husband, had brought me to life with his undying love, and had also given me the meaning to it; our beautiful son.

The End

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