Chapter 10Mature

  “Happy anniversary!” I squealed at Elijah, jumping onto his lap. He laughed at me, then kissed me.

  “Happy anniversary, love.” He replied. We cuddled on the sofa, and he absent-mindedly played with my hair, as he usually did. It was strange to think that we had been married for a whole year now, but it felt right and natural, as if we had always been together. I sighed. “What’s wrong?” Elijah asked, knowing me better than I knew myself. I thought for a moment.

  “’Lijah, when you were... human... did you ever want children?” I asked quietly. He took a deep breath. “I’m sorry... I shouldn’t have...”

  “No, don’t worry. I knew that this topic of conversation would come up at some point. In answer to your question... yes I did. I was one of 7, and I always wanted a big family of my own, although it is impossible now.”

  “Well...” I started. He tilted his head as he looked down at me.

  “What is it?” He asked. I smiled shyly.

  “It isn’t impossible.” I said, then left the room. He was in front of me as I tried to go up the stairs. “Would you stop doing that?!”

  “You can’t leave me in the room after saying something like that.” He told me, crossing his arms.

  “I can when I’m trying to get something to show you!” I said, laughing and dodging past him. Again, he sped off so that he was casually leaning on the bedroom door. I glared at him, as I brushed past him. I opened the wardrobe and took out a book, and sat on the bed as I flicked through it, looking for the right page.

  “A grimoire?” He asked, coming to sit beside me. I found the page and showed it to him.

  “It’s from one of my Mignon ancestors from the late 17th, early 18thcentury.  There is a spell here for... err, how do I put this..? Let’s say non-sexual conception. Like for women who wanted to use it to trap a man into marriage, or a woman who was desperate to conceive for her rich husband to have an heir.”

  “Yes, but what does that have to do with us?” he asked. I beamed at him, and pointed to the ‘notes’ written at the side of the spell’s instructions.

  “It says ‘This spell works if the father is dead.’ so why wouldn’t it work on a supernatural vampire father?” I said. He had an odd expression on his face.  “What?” I asked.

  “I don’t know, Abrielle. I just don’t want you to get your hopes up.” He said. I took his hands in mine.

  “It’s worth a shot; just think of it!” I said, trying not to let my excitement show, but as I said before; he knew me better than I knew myself.

  “Okay, love. We’ll try it, but if it gets dangerous and it’s too difficult, I will stop it.” He said. I grinned and kissed him.


  It was twilight, and I had everything ready. Elijah and I sat on the floor with a bowl in front of us.

  “Okay...” I said nervously. He took my hand to calm me, and it worked. “Are you ready?” I asked him.

  “As I’ll ever be.” He said, smiling. I took a deep breath.

  “Alright... I need your hair, from the root.” I said as I pulled some from my head, wincing as it came out. I placed it in the bowl, and he put his on top of mine. I used a knife to cut my hand. “Ow...” I muttered and Elijah laughed at me. I squeezed the blood into the bowl and handed him the knife, scowling at him. He cut his hand without flinching, and I stuck my tongue out at him. He mixed his blood with mine, and I took the white candle and lit the contents of the bowl. “Here goes...” I said, staring at the burning bowl. I looked at the book and said the spell. I closed my eyes, but when I heard Elijah breathe in sharply, I opened them. The bowl’s flame was bigger, and my stomach was glowing brighter and brighter as I said the incantation. Elijah was so absorbed that he didn’t notice my nose bleeding, but I was almost finished anyway. When I said the last words, the room flashed with light and then it all went black. Instantly, Elijah turned the lights back on and I hastily tried to wipe my nose, but he saw it.

  “Come on, my love. Let’s go to bed.” He said. I laughed quietly.

  “Could I have some help?” I asked, as I was far too weak. He smiled, then picked me up and carried me up the stairs. We curled up in bed together, with his arms around me. I felt safe in his arms, but I couldn’t sleep; I was too busy thinking about the ritual, and hoping as hard as I could that it had worked.

The End

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