Chapter 9Mature

  I woke up the next day and I could barely open my eyes. I squinted and then felt my way around the room until I reached the bathroom. I picked at the dry substance on my eyes until I was able to open them fully. When I glanced up into the mirror, I did a double take and screamed. My face was covered in streaky dried blood mixed with tears. I looked like I was from a horror movie of some kind, and it was horrible. I tried to scrub it, but failed so I got into the shower. I felt the temperature of the water, but it seemed too cold so I turned it up to as high as it would go. The scalding water on my skin hurt, but I quickly washed the grime, sweat and blood from my aching body. When I was finished, my skin was an unnatural and unpleasant shade of pink; although it was much better than the burgundy of blood. I went back to my room, and curled up on top of the dirty bedding and wept.



 My dear heart, there are no words to explain my actions; how could there be? All I can say is how sorry I am, and that I love you. Such simple words that can never be enough to atone for my terrible actions. So, I shall say it again; I love you. You are the reason I breathe, the meaning to my insignificant existence. I am sorry. I don’t think that I will ever stop trying to show you that.

  Although this is written before, I will tell you what should happen tonight. I will go to the cemetery and meet Klaus, as he asked me to today. He told me that for a year in his service, he would leave us alone. Of course I didn’t believe him; but I knew that he spoke the truth when he said that if you got involved and tried to help or stop me, he would kill you and hide you where I would never find your body. I know you, Elijah. You would have never let me fight him on my own, and I couldn’t let him take you from me.

  But, I wasn’t alone, love. A while ago, on the day that I found you dead in the woods, I met Damon and Elena. They wanted to stop Klaus to save Stefan. We realised very quickly that it would be impossible to kill him, so we decided that I will be used as bait and I will incapacitate Klaus. We will then put him in a coffin with vervain and wolfsbane, and I will seal it with a spell. Sound’s easy, doesn’t it?

  If all has gone well then, when you read this, Klaus is locked away and is no longer a threat to us. He can never hurt us again, my love. When I come to revive you, I will not speak because there is nothing that I could say. I will not lift my eyes to your beautiful face, as I will find it too hard. Not as hard as it was to decide to kill you. Sitting here, I cannot imagine what it will be like or what it will do to me as it is far too difficult to fathom.

  I will understand if you hate me. But never for a moment think that I will ever stop, or have ever stopped, loving you as I did from the moment I saw you. I can’t think of anything else to say; there is too much to write on such a little sheet of paper.

  I love you, Elijah. You have my heart forever and always.



  A week after that terrible day, I still ran through the words of my letter to Elijah. I had hoped that it would explain my actions and I even dared to dream that it would help him to forgive me. But I guessed that I had been wrong, and my deeds were too dreadful. I sat in my room, staring at my reflection in the mirror. My face had taken a permanent sad expression, and my once shining, golden eyes were dull. I absent-mindedly twirled a dark curl around my finger, feeling numb from the tears and heart ache. How stupid was I, to believe that I was special enough to be forgiven by someone as special and powerful as Elijah?

  I jumped when my phone rang, and picked it up.


  “Abrielle! Why won’t you answer any of my texts?” Kayleigh asked quickly. I sighed.

  “I’ve not been well, Kay, you know that.” I said.

  “Are you better now?” She asked me.

  “Yes, I am.” I said, rubbing my head.

  “Good, because you are coming to the Christmas Ball with me tonight.” She said, and I groaned.

  “Must I?”

  “Yes. Now go dust off a dress. I’ll be over later!” She then hung up. I stood and opened my closet. I glanced at the many ball dresses that used to belong to my mother. I ran my hands over the many fabrics. The very last one was crimson chiffon over silk, and was in a Victorian style. I had never seen it before, so took it out of its bag and laid it on my bed. It was beautiful, even to my dulled senses. My doorbell rang and I slowly descended the stairs to let Kayleigh in.


  The blinking lights hurt my eyes and were slowly giving me a headache. I twisted the fabric of my dress with my restless fingers. Kayleigh looked at me and gave me a hug.

  “You look beautiful, hun.” She told me, hugging me and I smiled. The red dress, which fit like a glove, contrasted with my creamy skin and looked nice with my dark hair, but I still felt dead and depressed.

  “Thank you.” I said quietly. I saw a boy from our English class staring at Kayleigh. “Hey, Kay... you know Liam?” I saw her blush.


  “Why don’t you go talk to him? He’s been staring at you for ages.” I told her. She grinned.


  “Uh huh.” She hesitated, then rubbed my arm.

  “Will you be okay?” I nodded.

  “Don’t worry about me. Go on!” I gave her a little push. She laughed, and then went over to Liam. I smiled, watching her. When a slow song came on, they went onto the dance floor and danced together. I closed my eyes as I listened to the song. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around. I gasped as I saw a face as familiar to me as my own.

  “May I have this dance?” Elijah asked me. I smiled and a tear escaped my watering eyes.

  “Of course.” I said as he took my small hand in his and lead my onto the dance floor. He held me in his arms as we slowly turned in time to the music. My head on his chest, I inhaled his scent and tried to tell myself that this wasn’t a dream. I looked up at him and tried to speak. “’Lijah, I...” I started but he interrupted me.

  “Shhh. Don’t talk, just dance with me.” He said, and I was happy to simply be in his strong arms. When the song ended, I let him lead me out of the school hall. We found a classroom that wasn’t locked and went inside.  I sat on a desk and stared at him.

  “I guess we need to talk...” I said quietly. He leant against the wall. “But I don’t know where to begin.” I sighed.

  “Did it work?” He asked me quietly.

  “Yes, it did. He’s trapped in one of the crypts at the cemetery by a spell.” I told him. He nodded.

  “That’s good.” He said. I smiled.

  “He can’t hurt us anymore, Elijah.” I said. He had an odd expression on his face. I tilted my head to the side, analysing him. “Penny for them?”

  “What am I thinking? Well... I’m thinking that you could have got yourself killed!” He said, his face like thunder. It was scary, as I had never seen him like that before.

  “But I wasn’t...” I started, but he wouldn’t let me speak.

  “Why would you put yourself in danger like that?”

  “I’m so sorry...” I whispered. And he shouted, and then punched the wall, leaving a hole in it. I stared at him. He calmed himself down.

  “I’m not angry about what you did to me, Abrielle. Not in the slightest. What I am absolutely furious about is the fact that you did magic that was beyond your experience and almost got yourself killed. What I also fail to comprehend is the fact that you decided to take it into your own hands to trap the most powerful creature that ever roamed the Earth, and decided that I wasn’t allowed to protect you!” I blinked.

  “But I’m fine, ‘Lijah...”

  “No you aren’t, Abrielle. I can tell that you are still weak, and I saw you that night. All of that blood; you were not okay.” He said to me, not looking at me.

  “I didn’t want you to get hurt. I was trying to protect you!” I told him, standing up.

  “I’m supposed to protect you!” He said.

  “You said yourself that Klaus is the most powerful creature on Earth, so how did you expect to protect me, huh? He was going to take me, even if you intervened. So don’t you dare try to chastise me for using my powers to save the man I love. For God’s sake, look at me, Elijah!” I said. He didn’t turn. I burst into tears, and had to grab the table so that I didn’t fall over. He was right; I was still weak. “You won’t ever forgive me, will you?” I whispered. He turned to me and put his arms around me, holding me up.

  “I could never be angry at you for too long. I will always forgive you, my love. I just needed you to understand that it was a very stupid thing to do.” He said quietly, stroking my hair. “Just please, promise me that you will never do it again.”

  “I promise, ‘Lijah.” I sobbed again. “I thought that you were never going to forgive me. I thought that you hated me!” I told him, and he laughed.

  “Don’t be so silly, Abrielle. I love you.” He lifted my face to his. “Why do you always seem to be crying when you see me?” He asked me, and I laughed.

  “You evoke strong emotions.” I told him. He smiled, and then kissed me. It felt as if we had never kissed before, and yet felt the same. When our lips parted, we looked into each other’s eyes, both absorbed in each other. “I missed you, ‘Lijah.” I told him. He smiled.

  “I missed you too, my love.” He kissed my forehead, sending shivers down my whole body. “And I missed you calling me that. I forgot to tell you how beautiful you look tonight, although you are always stunning to me.” He then pulled away from me, and looked at me intensely. “Marry me?” He asked. I smiled at him, finding it hard to breathe and thinking that I never would have guessed how this evening would have turned out. I looked at the beautiful man who was the only man who I would want to be with for all of eternity.

  “Do you even need to ask?”

The End

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