Chapter 8Mature

  I stood in the cemetery, surrounded by death. I felt numb on the outside, but inside I was screaming with rage and sorrow. As I stood there, I made a promise to Elijah.I vow that I will stop Klaus for you, my love. He will never hurt us, or anyone else, again.Damon had explained to me how powerful Klaus was; a hybrid would be too difficult to kill. But that wasn’t our aim.

  Klaus walked into the cemetery, and stood directly in front of about 3 feet away.

  “Is Elijah dealt with?” He asked.

  “Yes. He will not be involved in this.” I said. My voice sounded like a robot’s. My hands trembled with the rage inside of me.Help me, mother. Please.“We need to shake on the deal.” I told him. He laughed, although there was nothing funny about it. I glanced at the henchman standing behind him like a vicious dog waiting for orders from his master. So this was Stefan, reduced to no more than a rabid pet. The old Abrielle would have pitied him, but there was no compassion in this dead heart. Klaus stepped closer to me, but I didn’t give him the reaction that he wanted. Why flinch when there was no-one to fear for?

  “Yes... a deal’s a deal.” He said, smiling that horrible grin of his. My hand twitched, wanting to inflict pain. He held his out for me to take. I stared at it, savouring every moment of my power over him. I slowly lifted my hand, and placed it into his. The instant that our skins touched, Klaus was on the ground, with one hand on his head in pain. “What..?” He managed to spit out, but I put an end to that. One cock of my head, which was the signal, and Elena was behind Klaus with the last dagger. She plunged it into him, then retreated back. Klaus laughed. “You cannot kill me.” He said. I bent down to his level, my hand still in his. I smiled.

  “Who said we wanted you dead? I have something much worse in store for you.” I said very quietly, then released his hand. The pain stopped, and he tried to reach the dagger in his back. We knew that it wouldn’t kill him, so used it to distract him. I whispered a spell, and Klaus fell to the floor, paralysed. I could feel him fighting me, but for once I was stronger. “Quickly!” I shouted, trying not to lose my concentration. Elena and Damon had been explaining the plan to Stefan, who quickly grabbed Klaus’s shoulders, while Damon grabbed his legs. They carried him to the crypt that Damon and Elena had set up earlier. I felt my nose run a little, and Elena stood beside me, looking at me.

  “Damon! Her nose is bleeding!” She screamed to them. What was a little blood to protect the one you loved?

  “We’re trying!” He replied. Elena led me into the crypt so that we could see what was going on. When I saw the coffin, I had to admit that it was a genius idea. There was a small stone coffin within a larger one. Between the layers of stone was a mixture of vervain and wolfsbane, and this concoction was also at the bottom of the coffin where they were trying to place Klaus in it and put him in chains. I concentrated harder, staring only at him and letting my anger flow through me. I felt something trickle down my cheeks. Was I crying?

  “Oh my God! Hurry up!” Elena screamed. “Abrielle, listen to me. I’m sure he’s weak enough now, so stop! Your eyes and nose are bleeding, if you carry onyou will die!” I looked at her, then back at Klaus.

  “I... can’t...” I managed to say, suddenly feeling weak. Then, Klaus was in the coffin and Damon was injecting a liquidised mixture of the two substances, and closing the lid of the two tombs. I released my hold on him, and he was suddenly screaming. I wiped my face with my hand then placed it onto the stone lid. I said a spell that I had found; a sealing spell that meant that only I or any of my descendants could break the spell, and only if they were pure of heart and were doing it for a good reason. It took longer than I expected, and when I had finished, Damon tried to move the lid but it wouldn’t budge. I smiled at them. “That wasn’t so hard...” I said before my legs gave way. Damon caught me before I had landed on the concrete floor. He looked at Elena and Stefan.

  “Go back to the hotel. I’ll take her home.” He told them.

  “No!” I said, my voice strangely quiet. “Take me back to him.” I demanded. I could see him fighting with himself.

  “Wait!” Elena said and walked over to me. She kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you so much, Abrielle. Please keep in touch; you have my email address, right?” I nodded. “Good bye. I hope we see each other again soon.” She said to me. Stefan stayed where he was, probably so that my blood wouldn’t tempt him.

  “I need to thank you, too. For releasing me from Klaus. I will be eternally grateful to you.” He said. Elena smiled and waved, and they left. Damon picked me up, with one arm under my knees and the other under my shoulders, then took me to the cabin in seconds. He sat me on the floor.

  “I’ll be back.” He told me, leaving me to be alone with Elijah. I crawled over to him, then used the last of my energy to remove the dagger once more, and push myself back to rest against the wall. I stared at the wooden planks of the floor as Elijah slowly came back to life. He stood up and I would not meet his eyes. He then disappeared, leaving me. I had a feeling that something like that would have happened, but it still hurt, although I knew that I deserved it. Damon sat beside me. “Are you okay?” He asked. I gave him a look that meant that I wasn’t. He sighed. “Thank you. I mean it. I know what you sacrificed and I hope that now we can call each other friends. If you ever need anything, just call me and I will be here as soon as I can, alright? You’re special. And I am glad that I got to meet you. Don’t hesitate to call.” He said, then picked me up again and took me home, as I was still too weak to walk. He took me up the stairs and laid me on my bed, which felt alien to me as I had slept in Elijah’s for a long time. He put the covers over me. “Good bye, my friend. I hope we will remain good friends.” He said, smiling. I nodded and tried to smile, because I knew that Damon, Elena and I would never forget and would remain friends for a long time.

  “Thank you, Damon. Good bye.” I managed to croak, and then he left. Exhausted in both mind and body, I cried myself to sleep. I was positive that Elijah, the love of my life and my soul mate, would never forgive me. And it was worse than if I had died.

The End

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