Chapter 7Mature

  “For God’s sake, ‘Lijah, I need to leave the house sometime! I’m running out of food!” I said, my arms crossed. He kissed me quickly.

  “You’re very cute when you’re angry.” He told me, and I pouted.

  “No I’m not, and I’m going to starve soon and be dead, and it’ll all be your fault.” I said in a rush, and Elijah chuckled. 2 weeks of being cooped up, a prisoner in my own home, was taking its toll on me. Elijah had called the school and made up something about swine flu.

  “I’ll go out today. Make a list of the things that you need.” He said.

  “What?” I asked, a little annoyed. The only good thing about my captivity was the amount of time that I got to spend with Elijah; I was loathed to be parted from him. “Fine.” I said, rummaging in a drawer for paper and a pen and made a list. “Have fun; I know I won’t.” I said petulantly. He laughed again, and kissed me. At first I was unyielding, but I quickly gave into him. As soon as he had left, I lifted my phone to call Damon, but the doorbell interrupted my task. I opened the door and gasped at who it was. Klaus.

  “Hello, Abrielle. It’s very nice to see you again. May I come in?” He said. I went to close the door in his face. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” He said menacingly, and I stopped.

  “Why? I have nothing to say to you.” He smiled, making my skin crawl.

  “Because you wouldn’t want me to kill Elijah, would you?” I re-opened the door fully.

  “I’m listening.” I crossed my arms and dropped a hip impatiently.

  “I know that, although inexperienced, you are a very powerful little witch. My last witch... expired... and so I need a new one. You.” I scoffed.

  “Like I would go with you.” I spat.

  “I believe that we can come to some arrangement... perhaps a year of your services in exchange for an eternity with my brother?”

  “Swear it.” I told him. He smiled.

  “I swear, that if you come with me willingly I will not cause harm to you and Elijah.” He said. Confident that there were no loopholes, I nodded. “However, if Elijah gets in my way and any way, I will kill him and hide him where no-one will ever find him, not a poxy little cabin like that last time. Do you understand me?”

  “I do.” I said quietly.

  “Here is my number. When you have... removed and obstacles, call me and I will meet you. Good bye, Abrielle. It will be a pleasure to work with you.” He said before vanishing. I slammed the door in fury. How was I going to protect Elijah?

  I ran up the stairs, and ripped open a cardboard box of thing of my mother’s that I had never opened, and found what I was looking for. Old books; my ancestors’ grimoires. I flicked through them all, memorising anything that might be useful to me later, but I could find nothing to help Elijah. Angry, I threw the book I held across the room, where it hit a wall and split into a cascade of yellowed pages. It finally dawned on me what I had to do, as much as I hated it; as much as it would tear my heart from my feeble chest. I retrieved my phone and called Damon, explaining the plan and where to meet me later, as quickly as was physically possible. Then, I found a piece of paper and wrote a letter.

  Elijah returned soon after that. It lightened my mood to see him carrying the shopping bags like a normal human man. I kissed him, trying to memorise the feeling of it. He laughed at my greeting.

  “Did you miss me?” He asked and I smiled.

  “Immensely.” I told him. He looked down at me and tilted his head to the side.

  “Why are you wearing a coat?” He asked.

  “Because we are going out now.” I said, taking his hand and leading him to the door, but he wouldn’t budge.

  “No we aren’t, Abrielle.” He said sternly. “Anyway, what about the groceries?”

  “Oh, stuff the groceries! They can wait!” I sighed. “I’m going out, and you can accompany me if you wish.” I said walking towards the door. Before I got there, Elijah was leaning against the doorframe.

  “Fine.” He said, obviously annoyed.

  I led the way through the woods, my hand tightly gripped in his. He was quiet, and was watching me intently. We came to the old cabin from before, and I took him in. We stood in the middle of the room, my hands grasping his as if they were clinging to life itself.

  “You know that I love you, don’t you, ‘Lijah?” I said to him, my eyes blurring with hot tears. He let go of my hands and pulled my into his arms. I sucked in his scent, and felt one tear roll down my cheek, and then more followed.

  “Of course I do, my love. What is wrong?” He replied. I shook my head.

  “I can’t tell you.” I whispered, then pulled away from his embrace unwillingly. I kissed him, then stared at his beautiful face. “Close your eyes.” I choked out, and he did as I asked. I tried my hardest not to sob, although my face was being washed with salty tears. My hands shook as I removed the dagger from my jacket, and I hesitated. “I love you.” I told him, wanting to make sure he knew. I then plunged the deadly weapon into the chest that I knew so well, that I had memorised with my hands and eyes. His eyes opened in shock, the hurt of my betrayal in them. I sobbed openly as he fell to the ground; still and dead.

  I put the letter into his pocket then lay down beside my Elijah, with my arms around him. I poured my heart out with cries and sobs that made me nauseous and made my chest feel as if it was going to crack burst from the painful hole within it where my heart used to be. I knew that Damon was there, but I didn’t care.

  “I had to do it.” I whispered. “It was the only way to keep him safe from Klaus. To stop him getting hurt.” I explained, trying to convince myself that I had done the right thing. Damon picked me up from the floor and stood me up. He held me and tried his best to comfort me.

  “It’s all right, Abrielle. It’ll all be alright.” He told me soothing me with kind words. When I had calmed down, I wiped my eyes and nose, and picked up my phone, not daring to look at Elijah on the floor. Damon stood silently, watching me. I typed in the number and Klaus answered instantly.

  “Come to the cemetery, you cold hearted bastard. I will be waiting.”

The End

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