Chapter 6Mature

  I was awake before my eyes were open. I stayed in the darkness so that this happy, perfect feeling wasn’t ruined. What was so different this glorious morning? Well, for one, it was the first night that I had slept well. The other reason was that my head was on Elijah’s chest, my body’s bare skin against his.

  “Good morning.” Elijah whispered, kissing the top of my head. I slowly opened one eye and then the other. He absent-mindedly stroked my long hair, which was probably messy.

  “I don’t want to move...” I mumbled and he laughed quietly.

  “You know, we have to eventually.”

  “Not yet, though. I just want to stay in this moment.” I told him.

  “There will be more moments like these, Abrielle. There is always tomorrow.” He said, laughing. I sighed and then sat up so that I could look at him. The way he was lounging made him look majestic, like a Roman god, and he was the happiest I had ever seen him. I grinned, then bent towards him and kissed him. Before I realised what was happening, he pulled me into his arms, cradling me so that we were looking at each other, smiling and studying the other’s face. I giggled as he kissed my neck.

  “I have to go to school...” I told him, and he groaned.

  “Can’t you tell them you’re sick?” He asked. I thought about it for a bit, then kissed him again. The doorbell rang, making both of us jump.

  “Who the hell is that..?” I wondered, out loud. We rushed to pick up the clothes that lay discarded on the floor. I picked up a pair of tracksuit bottoms and, like a cliché, Elijah’s shirt. Hastily buttoning it up, I went down the stairs while Elijah dressed himself. Looking vaguely decent, I opened the door with a smile on my face, which fell. I instantly knew that this was not a friendly face, despite the pleasant smile.

  “Hello, my name is Klaus. Is Elijah in?” The man said. I studied him. He had blonde hair that curled a little, and simply looking at him made my skin crawl; he was creepy. My body tensed and I crossed my arms in a hostile manner.

  “Why do you want him?” I asked. He carried on smiling.

  “Can I come in?” He asked. I laughed; I knew better than to invite people in, now.

  “In your dreams.” I said. “Why do you want him?”

  “Look, I know a witch when I see one, and I know that they would know not to anger me.” I was about to open my mouth with a very nasty reply, but I felt Elijah behind me.

  “Abrielle, would you please leave us? There is no reason for you to get involved in this.” He said. His body was tense. I glared at Klaus, who had caused this change in him.

  “Keep back from the door.” I told him, going into the living room. What he didn’t know, was that the acoustics in the hallway meant that you could hear everything that people were saying. I sat down on the sofa, and Elijah began talking.

  “What do you want?”He asked Klaus quietly.

  “Well... I did come here to kill you...” I tried not to react. “But your little witch friend is much more intriguing to me. What was her name... Abrielle?”

  “Don’t you dare touch her.” Elijah said, with violence in his voice. Klaus laughed.

  “Or what, brother? You’ll kill me? Are you forgetting something? I’m stronger than you. And I’m down a witch, and I could really do with a Mignon one...” Elijah held his breath. “Don’t look so surprised! I could tell just by looking at her, and her fire. I think we’ll get along well.”

  “You won’t, because you aren’t going anywhere near her.”

  “Are you going to keep her locked up forever? That won’t be fun for her, will it? Just think about it... I may be willing to make a deal with you, brother. We used to be so close...”

  “It will never happen, Nicklaus. Not while I’m still breathing.” Elijah said.

  “Something could be arranged...” Klaus said. “I’ll see you soon, Abrielle. It was nice to meet you.” Klaus raised his voice so that he knew that I could hear him. I swore under my breath, and he chuckled as he walked away. Elijah shut the door, and was instantly on the couch beside me, pulling me into his arms.

  “Don’t worry about him, my love. I won’t let him anywhere near you.” He told me, and kissed my forehead.

  “I’m going to go have a shower. Lighten up, ‘Lijah. I’ll be fine.” I told him, pulling away from his embrace and pecking him on the lips. “I won’t be long.” I told him as I climbed the stairs. I made a detour to my room, then went into the bathroom. I ran the shower and the taps, just to be sure that he couldn’t hear me. I looked at the number that I had written down the day before, and typed it into my mobile. It only rang once before he picked up. “Damon?” I asked. “If you want to kill Klaus, count me in. But first, how do you propose we do it?”

The End

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